Diverse sorts of ores may be throughout all areas of Telara. They can be crafted into metal bars for many powerful Recipes that weaponsmiths and other professions can craft. The Mining profession is required to collect ores from lodes locations. The location of nearby lodes is shown on the Minimap once the Mining skill has been activated. Collecting ores from a location will cause the lode to be consumed, i. e. it will disappear and can not be collected from again until it respawns.

Liste der Erze[]

Icon Name Skill Fundort
Ore11a.png Zinnerz 001 Freimark, Silberwald, Steinfeld
Ore03a.png Kupfererz 035 Freimark, Silberwald, Gloamwood, Steinfeld
Ore03b.png Eisenerz 75 Dämmerwald, Steinfeld
Ore08.png Silbererz ? ?
Ore02a.png Chromiterz ? ?
Ore11b.png Kobalterz ? Mondschattengebirge
Ore06a.png Golderz ? ?
Ore07.png Titanerz ? ?
Ore12.png Carmintiumerz ? Eisenkiefergipfel
Ore09.png Platinerz ? ?