Rift: Planes of Telara news, by date.

Octobre 2014 News[]

22 Octobre 2014 -Lancement de Rift Nightmare Tide !

L'équipe de Rift à officiellement lancé l'extension Nightmare Tide sur les serveurs dans la soirée d'hier. here.

June 2010 News[]

25 June 2010 - Community Manager IRC Chat

Rift's Senior Community Manager came to the IRC Chat today and answered some of the community's questions. Read the full chat transcript here.

23 June 2010 - LoreHound Rift Developer Interview had a chance to interview one of the Rift developer's at E3 and also see some gameplay. Watch the video on Youtube here.

21 June 2010 - NY Times - One of the best of E3

Rift is selected as one of the best games of E3 by the New York Times. Read the blog entry on the NY Times here.

20 June 2010 - ZAM Rift E3 2010 Video

Another video from E3, this time from Watch the video on Youtube here.

19 June 2010 - GamingWeez Rift Q&As from E3

GamingWeez was at E3 2010 this year and had three Q&A sessions with various members of the team - definitely worth a read. Check out the Rift category on GamingWeez here.

17 June 2010 - Gameinformer talks about Rift's Dynamic Content

Gameinformer discusses the time they got to spend with Rift at E3 2010 - specifically dynamic content in the game. Read the article on Gameinformer here.

17 June 2010 - Gamespot Hands-on with Rift

Gamespot discusses their hands-on with Rift at E3 2010. Discusses the Soul system as well as rifts. Read the article on Gamespot here.

17 June 2010 - Tentonhammer Hands-on with Rift

Tentonhammer discusses their hands-on with Rift at E3 2010. While there is really nothing new in terms of information, there are a few new images. Read the article on Tentonhammer here.

16 June 2010 - hands-on with Rift

Massively discusses what they saw during their hands-on demo of Rift at E3 2010. Read the article here.

15 June 2010 - Callings and the Eth

Trion reveals more information about their class system today, starting with Callings. In addition, a new human race was revealed, the Eth. Read the article here, and read about the Eth here.

11 June 2010 - The Soul system

Trion talks about their unique class system today on IGN. Read the article at IGN.

11 June 2010 - Purifier first look

The Purifier class was revealed at today. Read the first look here on

10 June 2010 - Champion first look

The Champion class was revealed at today. Read the first look here on

09 June 2010 - Warlock first look

The Warlock class was revealed at today. Read the first look here on

08 June 2010 - Ranger and Nightblade first looks

More information has been released on both the Ranger and the Nightblade class at today. Read about them at here and here.

07 June 2010 - Ranger Class Teaser

The Ranger class is revealed today - a small preview in advance of E3. Read about it at here.

07 June 2010 - New Screenshots

New screenshots have been released - the Deepstrike Mines and a Bahmi Reaver. Read about the screenshots on the Rift Facebook page here.

02 June 2010 - Lunch Q&A with Scott Hartsman

Rift's Senior Community Manager Cindy "Abigale" Bowens asks a few of the community's questions and Scott answers. Read about the lunch Q&A in the official forums here.

01 June 2010 - Interview with Scott Hartsman

Gamervision's Jonathan Cooper interviews Trion's Scott Hartsman about dynamic content and more. Read the article on Gamervision here.

May 2010 News[]

26 May 2010 - New Senior Community Manager for Rift

Cindy "Abigale" Bowens joins Trion as their new Senior Community Manager for Rift: Planes of Telara. Read the welcome thread on the official forums here.

26 May 2010 - Scott Hartsman dev talk

Scott Hartsman talks about user-created content at Tentonhammer. Read the article here.

24 May 2010 - 2nd Rift Q&A with producer Adam Gershowitz

Producer Adam Gershowitz briefly talks about jumping into water, solo versus group difficulty and guild advancement on Facebook. Read the Q&A here.

22 May 2010 - Rift Q&A with producer Adam Gershowitz

Producer Adam Gershowitz briefly talks about PvP and Death Penalty on Facebook. Read the Q&A here.

13 May 2010 - Rift covered on the MMO Report

G4TV's MMO Report briefly discusses Rift: Planes of Telara. Watch the show here.

12 May 2010 - Beckett Massive Online Gamer contest

Massive Online Gamer is having a 'Rift: Planes of Telara' "Become a Correspondent" Contest. See the contest application here.

11 May 2010 - G4TV Scott Hartsman Interview

G4TV interview's Trion's Scott Hartsman about Rift: Planes of Telara. See the video here.

11 May 2010 - Trion to be at E3 2009

This isn't exactly breaking news, but a number of people have asked about it on various forums - Trion Worlds will be at E3 2009, in booth 847.

5 May 2010 - Tentonhammer and Warcry - Interviews with Scott Hartsman

Two new interviews:
  • Rift: Planes of Telara Intro Q&A with Trion's Scott Hartsman. Read the article here
  • Warcry Rift: Planes of Telara interview with Scott Hartsman. Read the article here.

1 May 2010 - Gamespot - Spotlight on Rift: Planes of Telara

Gamespot checks in on this newly-renamed, completely revamped version of the upcoming game formerly known as Heroes of Telara. Read the article here.

April 2010 News[]

30 April 2010 - Previews galore.

News and previews from the 26 April announcement:


30 April 2010 - News overload

There has been an amazing amount of information released on Rift over the past few days. All of the various news articles from about the Internet will appear here shortly.

26 April 2010 - Heroes of Telara is now Rift: Planes of Telara

Take a look at the official news page for the new game site, - here. The two new official videos released are here.