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May 2010 News[]

06 May 2010 - Updated to Mediawiki 1.15.3

The update shouldn't be noticeable, but it did correct a few minor issues. If you want to know more about this version, please read here.

03 May 2010 - Colour scheme change and more

The colour scheme has been changed to fit the new logo for the new name of the game. There are a few orange bits still hanging around, but they should disappear in the near future. Also, there have been a large number of edits to the pages of the wiki over the weekend, so most of the wiki is accurate now (given what information is currently available).

02 May 2010 - Email Confirmation fixed

There was a bug preventing email confirmations - this has now been fixed. You can check your Special:Preferences page if you wish to send another confirmation mail to yourself.

April 2010 News[]

30 April 2010 - Amazing contributions!

A few users have been very busy updating the site, so quite a bit of Telarapedia is now accurate! We would like to offer thanks to Souper and Ayonyx in particular, who have done 90% of the updates themselves. Keep up the great work! Telarapedia is again the pre-eminent source of Rift: Planes of Telara information on the Internet.

26 April 2010 - Information Overhaul coming up

The announcement that Heroes of Telara is now Rift: Planes of Telara has a big impact on this site. Quite a bit about the game has changed (in addition to the name), so please bare with us for a while! The site may also get a name change, but that has yet to be decided.

14 April 2010 - Updates!

We're performing some updates to the software that powers Telarapedia, so there may be a few bits and pieces which don't work this month. Luckily there is nothing going on in the Heroes of Telara newsfront at the moment, so there should be little impact to users.

January 2010 News[]

01 January 2010 - Happy New Year

Telarapedia wishes you all an amazing 2010. Make some achievable resolutions in the new year and stick to them! With any luck we'll also have some information on Heroes of Telara in the coming year as well.

December 2009 News[]

10 December 2009 - Quick update

Trion still has not said anything, but the wiki is still here and I'm watching it. Whenever new information does come out, updates will obviously occur. Don't think this site is dead, however - we're just waiting.

October 2009 News[]

13 October 2009 - State of the Wiki

All's quiet on the Heroes of Telara front, but there are still minor updates here and there to the wiki. Open the Special:RecentChanges page and subscribe to the RSS Feed if you would like to know every little detail about updates that are done here at Telarapedia. Until there is new news, there will just be policy and site document updates, page layout tweaks, and article wording tweaks. Lastly, we're still looking for some non-English speakers that would like to contribute. Check this post in the forums for information.

September 2009 News[]

23 September 2009 - New default skin

Telarapedia's default skin has been changed to a darker skin; we hope you like it. Random samples of the typical user have shown that most of them seem to prefer a darker skin. Should you wish to change your skin, you will need to login, and the option is under the Skin tab in Special:Preferences.

20 September 2009 - Rich text editor installed

A rich text editor has been installed on the wiki, for those who do not wish to edit in raw wikitext. In most cases it is still recommended to use normal wiki syntax, but a simple click can toggle back and forth. Should you wish to use this feature, it is in the Misc. tab in Special:Preferences.

06 September 2009 - Server move complete

We have moved to a new server and things are definitely a bit faster. The old forum link has been removed and the old Image Gallery has been renamed - it will soon link to the internal wiki image gallery. You'll also notice a 'Forum Menu' on the side, which isn't entirely functional - this will change over the next week. The purpose is not to compete with any fansite forums, but to allow easier discussion of the topics in various wiki categories as well as to discuss wiki policies. When the forums are open and finished, a news update will be posted.

05 September 2009 - Moving to a new server

Telarapedia will be moving to a new server over this weekend and new account creation will be disabled until the move is complete; if you can't register it means you've most likely reached the old server so it may take a day or two for it to resolve correctly. The end result of the move should be better response times and will pave the way for Telarapedia Phase 2.

02 September 2009 - Looking for fansite write ups.

If you run a Heroes of Telara fansite, Telarapedia would love to hear from you. Currently the fansite list only has links to the various HoT fansites, but descriptive pages of each would help the community. What we're trying to get is a quick overview of any fansite, and what the founder's vision is. Please add a page for your fansite, or email Ciovala (self explanatory email address) and it can be added on your behalf.

August 2009 News[]

30 August 2009 - Telarapedia Phase 1 update completed.

As you can see, the skin has been totally revamped, and this is just the start. In the next month you'll see a few other substantial changes to the site, which should help improve usability and allow for a better user experience.

20 August 2009 - News Feeds Added.

A new page has been added for RSS feeds and tweets from Trion and major fansites. Take a look.

16 August 2009 - Hosting 'issues' sorted.

The name of the site was not decided two months ago and a number of domains had been parked (and apparently pointing to the htdocs folder on the shared web host; this has been corrected. Everyone can rest assured that the Telarapedia will stay named as such and nothing else. We'll leave one person with something to google - Hanlon's Razor.

16 August 2009 - Telarapedia News Added.

We've finally added a section for Telarapedia news here on the Wiki. Two months late, but better late than never!