Trion Worlds (also known as Trion) is a privately owned producer and developer of Rift: Planes of Telara and other server-based online games. Trion can be found on the Internet at their official website, followed on Twitter, and is also on Facebook. Trion has been selected as one of the top ten fastest growing startups in the San Francisco Bay Area by StartUpHire [1].

Trion has written the Trion Platform - the server technology which Rift: Planes of Telara uses. It is less heavily client-based than other games and helps to enable large-scale battles.

Trion has an estimated 200 employees. The following employees are known to be working on the game:

  • Scott Hartsman, Chief Creative Officer and Producer.
  • Adam Gershowitz, Producer.
  • Morgan Lockhart, Lore Lead, "doomcookie" Twitter.
  • Cindy "Abigale" Bowens, Senior Community Manager
  • Briane Clark, Lead Environment Artist, Linkedin profile
  • Ron Meiners, Senior Community Manager
  • Andrew "Avarem" Krausnick, Twitter.
  • Julien 'Midoh' Crevits, French Community Manager
  • Nicholas McDowell, designer, goes by Captaincursor. Twitter.
  • Kevin Bjorke, senior technical artist, goes by Bjorke. Twitter.
  • Darren Pattenden, art director, goes by Bloodylovingit. Twitter.
  • Gina Reams, systems designer, goes by Epochlulz. Twitter.
  • Will Cook, designer, goes by WillardV. Twitter.
  • Daniel Steamer, content designer, goes by ExcelsiorH. Twitter.
  • Drew Tennenbaum, senior software engineer. Twitter.
  • Paul Anthony Romero, Soundtrack Composer. Linkedin profile
  • Lars Buttler, CEO. Twitter.

Lars Buttler, CEO of Trion talks about his original idea, to running the company:


  1. StartupHire names Trion among the 10 fastest growing startups in San Francisco, an article at [1]

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