A Hero Rises
LocationTempest Bay
End bossEye of the Storm
Instance info
Advised level60
Minimum level60
Player limit1

Description[ | ]

A pleasant stroll through the canals has been interrupted by gathering dark clouds. Merchants hastily over their wares preparing for the storm, but no one realizes Crucia's Wrath come to Tempest Bay.

Background (Lore)[ | ]

A Hero Rises is a solo Chronicle offered to players once they reach level 60. It takes place in Tempest Bay where they fight an invasion force of Storm Legion troops.

It is the objective of the quest Memonto Mori, given by Queen Miela.

While progressing through the chronicle it is revealed that Crucia is under attack by other heros at her fortress. She is defeated but appears at a pivotal moment and takes control of Miela's body. It is revealed that Crucia has used Miela's body in the past that explains her apparent skill with Storm legion technology hinted through dialogue earlier in the chronicle.

Time Jump Crystals will appear to allow you to skip most dialog throughout the chronicle once you have completed the chronicle at least once.

Part 1: Sky Crash[ | ]

Regroup with General Batua[ | ]

While browsing goods at The Canals the hero is accidentally trapped within a Empyrean Stasis field. This proves lucky as the Storm Legion unleashes a surprise attack on the city with a secret weapon that kills all Ascended within the city leaving the Hero as the sole defender.

The Hero must regroup with General Batua where they learn that a shockwave disabled the city defenses and killed all the ascended in the city. He reveals that other Heros are currently assaulting the Frozen Fortress and asks for help securing the Porticulum.

Stormwrath Vindicator[ | ]

The first mini-boss is a fairly simple DPS fight. Stay out of the frontal AOE Lightning Slice ability and when offered use the ability that appears to interrupt Stomp.

Once killed he drops a red orb that enables the use of the Vindicator Cannon. This is a special ability that does a moderate amount of damage and knocks back enemies.

Part 2: City Hero[ | ]

Bring General Batua to the Porticulum[ | ]

The hero must escort General Batua to the Porticulum, saving citizens along the way and avoiding the airstrikes. At the top near the Porticulum the Hero will encounter the first boss Skythrax.

Skythrax[ | ]

Identical to the previous fight with the Stormwrath Vindicator with the addition of the Thunder Cannon. An AOE attack that will follow the player.

Defend Sergeant Vicks while he repairs the Porticulum[ | ]

The hero is given two special abilities to help defend Vicks

  • Call shot - A sniper attack that will one-shot any humanoid enemies.
  • Throw smoke - A delayed artillery strike that will severely damage/destroy mechanical units.

Once complete, Mela comes through the porticulum but leaves most of the forces to continue at Frozen Tempest. She devises a plan to rescue survivors using repurposed storm legion technology, a plan that surprises General Butua as he did know she was so well versed in Legion tech.

Defeat the Stormwrath War Machine in the Plaza Aurentine[ | ]

It is recommended to complete the Bonus: Desperate Rescue]] optional quest before you aggro the boss, use the Call shot to help take down enemies quicker.

Stormwrath War Machine[ | ]

The Call Shot is useless here, but you should use Throw smoke before you attack to knock off some of it's armor.

Avoid the red areas, either avoid or kill the Siege Turrets that spawn and the fight shouldn't last long.

Once the boss is dead, loot the chest.

Part 3: With Cannons Blazing[ | ]

Clear the path to Crucias weapon[ | ]

A short gauntlet awaits, pick up the white orbs which will give you a huge AOE damage spell and run speed increase, simply run at enemies to kill them.

Once you make it to the top of the ramp there will be a Stormwrath Titan to kill.

Before entering the Haunted Terminal, if you look to the right you will see a sleeping Tormented Marksman between two statues. Part of a quest series [Sinister Presence]. This enemy is MUCH MORE difficult than any enemy in the chronicle so be prepared for a tough fight.

Make your way inside and up to the top to the next boss.

Maelstrom[ | ]

He has two main abilities, Thunderswipe, a frontal AOE and Powersurge, a knockback with two AOE areas that will move randomly around the room.

Once dead, enter the monorail station using the teleporter in the center of the room where General Batua will announce that the Storm Queen has been defeated at Frozen Tempest.

Kill the patrols and move upstairs.

Queen Miela arrives with the General in tow. Crucia appears and takes control of Queen Miela. She tells the hero that she has "ridden this form many times, and in doing so, I have secured my revenge".

Hijack the Thunderclap Assault Frame[ | ]

A mech appears that the hero must take down to 10% health and then hijack.

Use the Thunder Teleporter[ | ]

Use the thunder teleporter to teleport aboard the Storm Legion armada in the skies above Tempest Bay.

Part 4: Take Back the Skies[ | ]

Scuttle Zephr-Class Airhips[ | ]

Pulverize the Airships power core[ | ]

Your hijacked mech will have two abilities:

  • Bring the Thunder - A melee attack used to destroy the Airship power cores. Use this on the airship gun emplacements to create a healing sphere.
  • Incineration Beam - A ranged attack. When standing on a Recharging pad will increase it's power to do massive damage.

Move through the ship destroying the power core of the airship and the Stormlegion Iron Angels. While standing on a Recharging pad, you can destroy the propellers of the airships to complete an optional objective. Use the Jump Pad at the front of the ship to move to the next ship.

Eye of the Storm[ | ]

Once you make it through a couple of ships you will arrive to destroy the Eye of the storm. Proceed as before, using Bring the Thunder to destroy the gun emplacements on the ships to create green healing spheres, and use the Recharging pad to power up your Incenerating Beam to damage the Eye of the Storm. The Eye of the Storm will periodiacally fire at you and create a very damaging AOE on the ground of the ship you must jump to the next ship to avoid this.

Completion[ | ]

  • Once complete you will be given a new quest The Legend Continues
  • After completing this Chronicle, Queen Miela will no longer appear in Tempest Bay having been replaced by a regent.