This article is about the Expert Dungeon. For other uses, see Abyssal Precipice.
Abyssal Precipice
LocationIron Pine Peak
End bossCalyx the Ancient
Instance info
Advised level50
Minimum level50
Player limit5
Lockout timer1 Day

A dungeon at the top of Iron Pine Peak.


Kaler Andrenos[]

This boss fight consists of a few mechanics Firstly, he throws down a ground AoE that players must move out from or take damage and be knocked up into the air, and due to the cliff face nearby, can be killed by falling off the cliff. Secondly, he randomly putting a visible debuff on a random player and all players near this player will be pulled towards them and take damage. It is therefore important to stay spread during this fight because this pull will interrupt healers casts. Lastly, there will be a raid warning that Kaler is casting a spell and all players MUST get out of line of sight of the boss or will be killed immediately. This spell has quite a long cast time

There are a few ways to fight this boss.

When Kaler places the ground AoE you will see that once it has finished an ice pillar appears at its location. The tank can then move Kaler to be close to the Pillar and when the raid warning appears players can run behind the pillar to line of sight Kaler. However, I have seen the pillar bug in that it will despawn before the cast has finished and therefore casuing a wipe.

The platform where you fight Kaler has a lot of places to LoS the boss. There is a broken tree stump to the left at the beginning of the platform, the pillars at the back of the platform and, if the tank positions Kaler correctly, the cave entrance can be used by all melee.

However you choose to approaching Kaler he doesn't hit very hard and as long as all players avoid the ground AoE, stay far enough from eachother to avoid the damage from the pull debuff and LoS the boss, this is an easy encounter.

Falconer Landrac & Icetalon[]

Just up the hill from Kaler is the second boss of the instance.

The fight has two phases.

Phase 1 is Landrac, he has a few abilities to watch out for. First is Touch of Storms, which is a channeled cast where Landrac will lift a random player skywards and then knock them back. Due to the cliff face nearby it is good for all ranged players to positions themselves up against the mountain side. Tanks should keep there back to the invisible wall that will appear when Landrac is Aggro'd. Melee should stand the the side of Landrac with the backs to the mountain side. Secondly, Landrac will summons three falcons to aid him. These must be AoE aggrod by the tank immediately because if they move towards the ranged players any movement by them or the tank could end up in a cliff knockback. AoE the adds down quickly. Thirdly, at around 20% Landrac will summon Icetalon (The huge bird in the background in the air). Icetalon takes quite some time to reach the platform so at this point continue to max DPS Landrac. Ideally you want him dead before the tank engaged Icetalon.

Once Landrac is dead, the tank needs to pick of Icetalon and move back to his former position. AoE any remaining adds and then concentrate on Icetalon.

Icetalon brings a few more abilities to the table. Firstly, he will randomly charge a player causing them to be stunned and placing a damaging DoT on them, this must be dispelled ASAP. Secondly, he will put a bleed on the tank that will only stop if the tank reaches 100% health. This bleed is extremely damaging, so healers should make sure as often as possible to keep the tank at 100% health. Icetalon continues to do the knockback that Landrac did so all player should remain with backs to the mountain side. Icetalon cleaves so melee watch out.

Dispel the DoT, keep the tank's health topped up and you will have Icetalon down.

Majolic the Bloodwalker[]

Majolic starts off in human form. If you engage him and burn him down like any other mob to 50% and then retreat to the start of the tunnel you can start the true boss fight without aggro. Make sure you do run away from him because he does an AoE around him.

Majolic is quite an easy encounter if you have a support healer. Once he is in his true form and you engage him he will have a few abilites. Firstly, is a DoT called Blood Contagion. This must be dispelled as soon as it goes up or it will gain stacks and end up doing massive damage. Secondly, he will change someone into a Blood Crystal, when this happens all DPSers should concentrate on burning down the crystal as soon as possible. This can cause problems if you only have one healer and he/she gets turned into a crystal because the crystallized person can do nothing. This can also cause Blood contagion to go undispelled for a time. Pre patch 1.2 you could LoS the blood crystal behind the broken tree stump near Majolic. If all ranged stand just beside it and when the raid warning pops up about the crystal the specific person could jump behind the stump. I'm uncertain if this is still possible but is worth an attempt if you are having trouble doing the encounter normally.

This is all Majolic does so burn him down and head to Renthar.


Renthar is located down the hill inside the cave before Calyx, he is optional and therefore some people become confused when he isn't on the route to Calyx.

Renthar is a very easy encounter. For it you will require an additional character with some form of Tank gear. (This makes the fight A LOT easier but is not necessary)

NOTE - an invisible quickly appears at the entrance to Renthar's cave so make sure all members are aware to move directly into the cave upon aggro.

Have your tank position Renthar as far to the left of the room as you can go and have the second tank move to the far right. The second tank always needs to ensure that he is the furthest person from Renthar. This is because Renthar will periodically charge the person furthest from him. Renthar places a ground AoE and cleaves. But as long as you keep the charge sponge alive and avoid the AoE this is a trivial encounter. Burn him down and move through the cave to Calyx.

Calyx the Ancient[]

This encounter has a very long intro speech so run close the Calyx straight away. Calyx will not automatically aggro at the end of his speech so don't worry.

This encounter can be difficult to explain but is very easy to understand once you have engaged Calyx once.

When you aggro Calyx the tank has a short window to position him directly in the center of the room. All ranged should spread out close to the edges of the cliff (Melee is possible in this fight but ranged is better). Calyx will then have 3 lasers starting at his position and shooting out from him at 12 o clock, 4 o clock and 8 o clock. These lasers will continually spin clockwise so constant movement is needed. The tank should be careful to only side step around Calyx and not psychically move him because this can cause problems for the party. Calyx will shoot balls at all party members called Hydro Blast. These cannot be avoid and do some slight raid damage. He will also place a ground AoE that causes damage and then when finishes will turn all people still inside into an ice cube, this will genuinely cause them to be hit by the beams, so move out of the ground AoE. Tanks can take the ground AoE so they dont have to move Calyx. Calyx must important move is when the raid warning appears. Once he finishes casting this all party members will have there health reduced to 20%. The tank should be priority healing after this and then top up all members so they don't die from the next hydro blast. Calyx also places a damage shield on himself that reflects damage, this can be purged but if you lack a purge just stop DPS until it ends.

If you can keep up with the constant movement and raid healing requirements this fight is not all that difficult.


Achievement Score Description
Flying Feathers 10 Successfully defeat Icetalon after killing 7 Fledgling Aquilas within 6 seconds of each other on expert difficulty.
Melting Ice 10 Defeat Kaler Andrenos within 150 seconds without any player being damaged by Icy Explosion.
Perfect Execution 10 Defeat Calyx the Ancient without any player taking damage from Wrath of the Deeps or dying on expert difficulty.
Take No Prisoners 10 Defeat Calyx the Ancient without any player being trapped by Abyssal Depths on expert difficulty.
The Sky Is Falling 10 Defeat Renthar without any player taking any damage from Cave In or dying on expert difficulty.
There Will Be Blood 10 Defeat Majolic the Bloodwalker while two or more players are entombed inside a blood crystal on expert difficulty.
Rapid Assault: Abyssal Precipice 10 Defeat all Abyssal Precipice bosses on expert difficulty within 40 minutes of first combat.
Achiever: Abyssal Precipice 15 Complete all Abyssal Precipice achievements listed
Expert: Abyssal Precipice 15 Defeat the bosses of Abyssal Precipice on expert difficulty level.
Conqueror: Abyssal Precipice 30 Complete all of the Abyssal Precipice achievements listed


Kaler Andrenos[]


Majolic the Bloodwalker[]


Calyx the Ancient[]


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