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Aedraxis is an important figure in the history of Telara. Son of Jostir the Ancient, King of the Mathosians he is twin to Zareph; older by only a few seconds. Aedraxis was tutored at the Quicksilver college by Orphiel Farwind alongside Zareph and Asha Catari. As he grew into a man, Aedraxis would continue to seek out Orphiel's advice and mentorship.[1]

Aedraxis was crowned king of the Mathosians upon his father's mysterious passing. However, he became corrupted by the Dragon Cults and Regulos' power which would soon result in a bloody civil war between him and his brother.[2] At the start of the conflict, Aedraxis convinced Orphiel to help him build powerful war machines to defeat his enemies[3], but when Zareph's army defeated Aedraxis at the battle of Tedeor Fields, Aedraxis used those same machines, powered by magic, to open a death rift, and all of Mathosia became exposed to the corruption of Regulos, the dragon of extinction. [4]. This event, known as the Shade, not only destroyed his kingdom but fractured the Ward and morphed Aedraxis into an undead king. He and his followers fled north following these events.[5]

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