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Alsbeth the Discordant
Alsbeth the Discordant.jpg
Level: 52
Type: Dungeon Boss
Zone: Iron Tomb
Area: Iron Tomb
Plane: Plane of
Coordinates: Unknown
Faction Affiliation
Defiant: Neutral
Guardian: Neutral
Noteriety rewards

Who but the Endless Court would disturb the slumber of the March Wardens? They have broken into the tomb, torn up the stones with their rude digging, and even raised the bodies of noble leaders as lethal undead thralls. Alsbeth the Discordant, mistress of the Endless and right hand of Regulos, has enslaved many of the Wardens’ souls to build a force of elite ghosts. Three of these leaders, Laric the Ascendant, Derribec the Magus, and Humbart the Bold, now haunt their monuments as Alsbeth’s tortured protectors.

Empowered by Regulos, Alsbeth is perhaps Telara’s most powerful sorceress, but even she has yet to break the will of March Warden Eliam. His spirit alone has withstood her magic, so she has recruited Ragnoth, a Fire demon adept at enslaving souls. For all this, Eliam’s ghost calls Ascended to Iron Tomb, warning all who will listen that the fate of Telara may be decided in his crypt under Freemarch. |quest1=The Saga of the Endless: Tombs of Old