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Anthousa Mona
Kelari High Priestess
File:Anthousa Mona.jpg
Level: 5
Type: Elite Named
Zone: Terminus
Area: Lastlight
Plane: Plane of
Coordinates: Unknown
Faction Affiliation
Defiant: Friendly
Guardian: Friendly
Noteriety rewards
  • [[]]

Anthousa Mona was the High Priestess of the Kelari back on the Kelari Isles. She ordered the Kelari to flee the isles, but remained their leader after arriving in Freemarch. She feels the Bahmi suffer from a lack of creativity.

The Kelari?[]

We Kelari are elves just like the High Elves of the Silverwood, but our proud cousins spurned us because we would not bear the yoke of Tavril without complaint.

Who are you?[]

We Kelari were accustomed with great loss before our allies in the Eth and the Bahmi. Our island home fell in the early years of the rifts. I was High Priestess of our people, ministering rites to please our spirit allies. When we lost our home, I may have lost my formal position, but our people have continued to look to me for guidance, even in these dark days. Mistress Catari may be our general, but I am still their leader.