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This document can be found in Ardenburgh in the Guardian starting zone, on the table on the second floor of a ruined house just east of Brother Jebiah. It reads:

This document is meant to serve as a checklist for both beginning and experienced technomancers practice the art of magically powered machines and constructs. Please make note of the following things you will want to have in your lab.

Building Material - Typically metal scraps are used, but a skilled technomancer is also able to utilize organic material when necessary.

Dependable Tools - Make sure you have a good set of tools. If your favorite screwdriver breaks while trying to tighten the bolts on an Energy Grenade, it may be the last thing you ever do.

Reliable Power Source - A readily available supply of sourcestone is ideal for this, but certain magics can be used as a depleting energy source in a pinch.

If all of these things are in order, then you are ready to begin building.

Happy constructing!

Orphiel Farwind, Master Technomancer

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