Artifacts are found throughout Telara and are combined together into collections. When a collection is completed you can turn them in at a NPC in Meridian or Sanctum for a reward.[1]

Artifact List[ | ]

There are a total of 323 known artifact collections.

Tips for Finding Artifacts[ | ]

While finding artifacts requires a good deal of luck, you can increase your chances by knowing where to look. By going a little out of your way during your travels, you'll soon have all the lucky coins you could need. The lucky coins vendor also moonlights as the Artifact turn in NPC.

  • Look for the sparkle. Artifacts glow much brighter than other objects in Telara, and can give you a cue from a distance.
  • Look for landmarks. If you see a long wall, short section of fence, or burnt-out house, check around - these are quick and easy places to search, and can be very rewarding.
  • Be creative. Sometimes artifacts are found in the strangest places. Hollowed out logs, wedged between rocks, or even in a cooking pot over a fire!
  • Take the road less traveled. Remember, the fewer other antiquarians around, the better your chances of making a find. If you see an area that seems underused, off the path, or otherwise well hidden - take a closer look, these spots can frequently yield artifacts.
  • Invest in Quantum Sight/Omen Sight. This is purchased from the planarite vendor in Meridian/Sanctum for 12,000 planarite. This allows you to find "Twisted" artifact sets when activated. Twisted artifacts glow red, rather than the normal artifact white.

References[ | ]

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