Ascended Powers are available to both factions and provide different uses. They consume Planar Charge instead of power/energy/mana.

Ascended Powers are purchased from Planar goods and Foci merchants.

Guardian Color.png Guardian Powers Defiant Color.png Ascended Powers Description Cost (Planarite)
Planar Lure Use at a tear to lure out the planar forces breaking through and start a rift event. Quest
Guardian's Flare Defiant's Flare Grants the ability to summon friendly forces to assist in recapturing an invaded location. 50
Bless Wardstone Augment Wardstone Grants the ability to upgrade a friendly Wardstone, increasing its defensive capabilities. 50
Holy Champion Anti-Planar Augmentation Grants the ability to temporarily increase your power against enemy invasions. 200
Summon Rescue Medic Summon Rescue Medic Grants the ability to summon a rescue medic capable of mending soul vitality. 15000