Trion have released a mobile authenticator and at this stage is currently available for iPhones, and any Android powered devices with internet connectivity.

  • The setup is simple once you have it installed, you login to your account on the RiftGame website.
  • From there click "Authenticator" in the menu on the left and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • A thing to note the only time you need the "Serial Key" from your authenticator is on first setup (that is letters / numbers and dashes) after that, you will tap back out of the setup screen and click to "View Security Code" which cycles every 30 seconds with a visible countdown.
  • Entering the code incorrectly and/or using aforementioned Serial Key when trying to login to the game, will most likely lock your account.

Bonus Title[]

Upon activating your authenticator, you will receive the in-game Epic title "the Ironclad" by opening the item in your mailbox.

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