Calling: Rogue
Primary Stat: Dexterity
Weapons: Daggers & 1h Swords
Abilities: Listed here
Armor: Leather & Cloth

Bladedancers are masters of wielding edged weapons. They specialize in ritualized combat movements that are lightning fast. Bladedancers can overwhelm even an accomplished opponent's defenses, setting them up for a devastating coup de grace. Lithe and agile, Bladedancers cherish unimpeded movement over heavier protection so they wear only light armors, such as leather into combat. Extremely competent and aware, a Bladedancer's weapons tend to be the only defensive protection they ever need. Unfortunately for their enemies, these blades aren't just used for defense, but offense as well.

Strengths[ | ]

Bladedancers are masters of edged weapons, allowing them to unleash devastating close combat attacks in quick succession. Their honed skills and supernatural agility allow them to avoid incoming attacks for short periods of time and perform lethal sneak attacks on the unwary.

Weaknesses[ | ]

Once a Bladedancer's fury is spent, his light armor offers scant protection. They must quickly overcome their opponent's defenses or face defeat themselves.

History[ | ]

Bladedancers are more than gifted combatants in the art of war; they are followers of the illustrious High Elves heroine Estrael, the Edge Dancer who perished in the Blood Storm War. Estrael became a legendary figure in Telara after defending a High Elven village for ten days from a major assault.

Incorporating amazingly fluid and nimble movements in her combat, Estrael's unique fighting style frustrated and dazzled the encroaching tribes, holding them fast at the village. For ten days the Edge Dancer battled the horde, aided only by her disciple Loalai Tresair, until reinforcements arrived and drove the assault back.

Although Estrael died from her many wounds soon after the assault, she became a hero of the Blood Storm War, with the races of Telara rallying in her memory to fight against the horde together. Her disciple, Loalai, continued teaching Estrael's innovative fighting style as part of an all-female Elven order. But as the years passed and the threat of rifts grew throughout Telara, Loalai opened the order to men and women of many races to help defend the world.

Today, Loalai and the Bladedancer Order are headquartered in Cliffside Vale. Many smaller schools also exist, recruiting novice Bladedancers from all corners of Telara.[1]

"I am a well-oiled killing machine. With the fury of my blades, I can exploit your every weakness. With each swing of my weapons, your death quickly approaches. My mind and my blade are one."

Abilities[ | ]

Images[ | ]

Silverwood bladedancer v satyr 01
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References[ | ]

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