Blood Storm War

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The Blood Storm War was war between Regulos, the five lesser gods of the Blood Storm, and the mortals of Telara, that saw the latter attacking and eventually imprisoning the Blood Storm.

Description and Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The war began soon after the Blood Storm arrived at Telara and had begun inflicting great damage on the world with the help of the dragon cults. The goddess Crucia led an of army of Orcri to annihilate the High Elves, destroying most of the High Elven Heart Grove[1], while the Golden Maw infiltrated the Eth city of Eboni and subverted it from within.[2]

However the five lesser gods each "saw in Telara the image of their own dreams and lusts". Regulos, who wanted to devour all of Telara for its sourcestone, opposed this view, and the lesser gods attacked him, starting a civil war. The mortals of Telara took the opportunity to join forces and attack the Blood Storm, catching them off guard and starting a period of fighting lasting centuries.[3]

The Eth tribe Mkhai eventually learned to draw energy from sourcestone, using this newfound technology to build engines of war against the Blood Storm.[2] Even in the face of this threat, however, the Blood Storm were too embittered to join forces, and the mortals eventually prevailed, trapping the five lesser gods and Regulos in the planes.

Telara is now guarded from the Bloodstorm by the Ward, which the Vigil helped erect in the aftermath of the Blood Storm War.[3]

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