Butchery is the gathering profession that allows one to collect hides and other useful parts from the creatures of Telara. Butchers craft various sorts of leather from hides. Butchering pairs exceedingly well with the Outfitting profession, but is also helpful for Armorsmithing and Apothecary.

Trainers[ | ]

A Butchery trainer can only teach you recipes and profession grades up to his own Butchery grade. This means a Novice Butcher NPC will be unable to teach you a recipe for which the Skilled Butcher profession grade is required.

Trainers can be found in the following locations.

Guardian Areas[ | ]

Defiant Areas[ | ]

Neutral Areas[ | ]

Requirements for Butchers[ | ]

For their profession butchers need to have a dead beast that has been looted. The beast may have been killed by the butcher or other players. These can be butchered to gain hides and other valuable ingredients. No special tool is required for butchering.

Butchery recipes are used to craft leathers from hides. For crafting, the player has to use a loom, which can be found in all major cities of Telara.

Trained Recipe Table[ | ]

Recipes can be learned at a butchery trainer once you meet the required profession level.

Recipe for Ingredients Cost Level
Soft Leather Soft Leather (x1) 1x Soft Hide 3silver 1
1  7  15  29
Thin Leather Thin Leather (x1) 1x Thin Hide 1gold05silver 35
35  41  49  63
Medium Leather Medium Leather (x1) 1x Medium Hide 2gold25silver 75
75  81  89  103
Heavy Leather Heavy Leather (x1) 1x Heavy Hide 3gold45silver 115
115  121  129  143
Thick Leather Thick Leather (x1) 1x Thick Hide 4gold35silver 145
145  151  159  173
Exotic Leather Exotic Leather (x1) 1x Exotic Hide 5gold55silver 185
185  191  199  213
Soulbind Leather Soulbind Leather (x1) 1x Soulhide 6gold75silver 225
225  231  239  253
Leather09a Steeled Leather (x1) 1x Ironhide 8gold10silver 270
270  276  284  298

Dropped Recipe Table[ | ]

These recipes may be obtained through rare quest drops from butchering beasts.

Recipe for Ingredients Level Obtained by
Fine Leather Fine Leather (x1) Medium Hide (x1), Heavy Hide (x1), Plain Thread (x2) 115
115  121  129  143
Drop: [Unblemished Pelt]
Starts quest: Fine Fur
Reinforced Leather Reinforced Leather (x1) Thick Hide (x1), Exotic Hide (x1), Fine Thread (x2) 185
185  191  199  213
Drop: [Rigid Hide Patch]
Starts quest: Thick Skin
Soulhide Imbued Leather (x1) Ironhide (x1), Soulhide (x1), Silken Thread (x2) 280
280  286  294  308
Drop: [Strange Hide Swatch]
Starts quest: A Tanner's Treasure

Butcher Leveling[ | ]

Butchery is easily leveled as you level, much like the other gathering skills. However, there are certain places that are better for intensive leveling than others.

Guardian Leveling[ | ]

Zone Level Monster
Silverwood 1-45 ?
Gloamwood 45-110 ?
Scarlet Gorge 110-165 ?
Moonshade Highlands 140-190 ?
Droughtlands 160-210 Longtooth Hunters
? ?

Defiant Leveling[ | ]


Defiant Level 45-110 in Stonefield

Zone Level
Freemarch 1-44
Stonefield 45-115
Scarlet Gorge 86-140
Droughtlands 141-210
Shimmersand 211-245
Scarwood Reach 165- 270
(High level instances: 271-300)