Calling: Warrior
Primary Stat: Strength
Weapons: All
Abilities: Listed here
Armor: Plate

Champions are powerfulWarriors who excel at melee combat. Wielding massive two-handed weapons, these battle-tested fighters find few equals in one-on-one battle. Champions strive to become one with their blade, constantly honing their fighting skills to win glory through warfare.

Strengths[ | ]

A Champion’s legendary strength allows them to move with startling speed, closing with opponents to wreak destruction with their two-handed weapons.

Weaknesses[ | ]

Quick to answer the call to arms, Champions often rush into battle with reckless abandon, and can find themselves vulnerable to sneak attacks and well-organized assaults from multiple adversaries.

History[ | ]

The Bahmi Warrior Vachir Altan was the first to bear the title of Champion. He originally came to renown for his battle with Crucia’s whelp Arconis, known as the Bane of Kerenton. Though the local human population viewed Vachir with suspicion when he rode into town, the Warrior ignored their furtive glances and within hours, entered the dragon spawn’s lair in the ruins of Castle Kerenton.

He bull-rushed the wyrm with reckless abandon, and the two fought an epic battle across the once-great stronghold. In the end, Arconis lay dead in the courtyard, Altan’s great blade impaled in his throat. “Start a fire. We feast tonight,” was all Vachir said to the townsfolk. That evening he enjoyed the hospitality of the people of Kerenton, but by morning he was gone, and many more tales of his exploits are told throughout Telara.

While Vachir’s disciples are numerous among the Bahmi of the Canyons, the duchy of Kerenton has also produced its share of blue-skinned Champions, who brashly rode forth from native borders. No matter whence they hail, all Champions seek to overcome the impossible through mastery of the blade.[1]

"You call that pig-sticker a sword? Maybe you'll draw a little blood with that, but cleave through the scales of dragon spawn? I think not! For that, my friend, you'll need a mighty blade, and the will of a Champion to wield it!"

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Images[ | ]

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References[ | ]

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