Charmer's Caldera
End bossCaelia the Stormtouched
Instance info
Advised level50
Minimum level50
Player limit5
Lockout timer1 Day

A dungeon in Shimmersand.



This boss is fairly easy.

Smouldaron only has a few abilities to be aware of. Firstly, he will put a ground AoE down, the area that this AoE covers will expand over time so make sure to move out of the AoE and position yourself quite far from the AoE to avoid any damage once it expands. He also casts a random flame bolt at party members at times, but this is fairly minor. Adds will also spawn but these will despawn after they have done there damage to the party so ignore these and focus on DPSing the boss

Burn through him. Boss is trivial if you're careful about positioning -- but if you allow the expanding circles to cut the healer off from the tank or force your damage classes out of range, you wipe.

Cyclorax (Expert)[]

Cyclorax is in the hall with all the air elemental's surrounding it.

This fight can be quite hard for solo healers, if you can have a support class/heals use it here.

Cyclorax is a stationary boss so tank him where he stands Party members should stay to the left hand side corner as you enter through the door at maximum range. There will be a raid warning, at this point all melee and the tank must run away from Cyclorax towards the door. If they do not move fast enough they will be killed by Cyclorax's AoE. Once you see the visual AoE fire you can move back in. Immediately after the AoE 3 lines of lightening will spawn. One will cover the center of the room and move from left to right and two will cover the top and bottom of the room and go from right to left. The object here is for all party members to avoid the lines of lightening by running to the center of the room to avoid the top and bottom lines and then back towards the door to avoid the center lightening. This may sound confusing but upon attempting the fight all will become clear. The lightening will move back and forth twice (Right to left and then back again or left to right and back again) and then despawn. At the start of the lightening moving back to its starting point Cyclorax will do his AoE again. At this point it can become difficult to avoid both the lightening and Cyclorax's AoE. It is good to keep in mind that whilst Cyclorax's AoE is fatal the lightening strips are not. So a last resort can be to jump through the beams rather than being hit by the AoE. He will also shoot random lightening tridents are party members.

If you can keep up with the raid healing requirement and movement you'll be fine. Cyclorax doesn't hit very hard on a tank.

NOTE: If you don't have someone in melee range of Cyclorax, he begins throwing lightning bolts that inflict around 2000 damage per shot on a leather class, roughly once per 1.5 seconds. He's stationary, but attempting Cyclorax without a tank is not recommended.

Ryka Dharvos[]

This fight is very similar to Smouldaron with a few extras.

Ryka places a ground AoE that must be moved out of. She also shoot random bolts at party members. Adds will spawn and these can be gathered up by the tank and the party can AoE them down. The main ability is that two lasers will shoot from the top of the two towers behind Ryka's starting position. The lasers focus in on a point and roam the battle area. Players should give them a wide berth because upon getting close to a player they target them and begin to slowly hone in on them. If the laser finds a player, it causes a surface explosion affect that damages that player and may harm surrounding players (research needed). Circles of poison gas appear on the floor as well, and must be escaped before too much damage is done -- it has not been observed whether these are caused by the laser as an alternative to the explosion, or by Ryka herself (research needed). Unlike the Smouldaron fight, these circles do not expand and do not last long enough for more than two, perhaps three to collect on the ground.

Again this fight is quite trivial due to the fact that most of the damage is avoidable.

Burn her down and head across the bridge to Gronik.


Gronik is a gargoyle with two Harpy adds.

There are two ways to go about this fight.

The first (and dare I say "intended") way is for the tank to tank Gronik where he stand and the party to DPS nuke one add and then the other. The Harpies are un-tankable so don't waste time trying to tank them; their ranged attack abilities are hard-wired to strike a random target, regardless of the amount of threat the tank has built up. They must be nuked down fairly quick because Gronik periodically gains a self-stacking buff that increases his damage output. After around 6 stacks his damage becomes huge and will sometimes one-shot tanks. Gronik also occasioanlly gains a damage shield that reflects magic damage; this can be purged but otherwise drops very quickly, so stop and wait if you lack a purge. Physical classes (including Bards) can ignore the shield completely. Random party members may also gain a debuff where a blue AoE appears around them. These players must move away from the party because this AoE causes damage to all within it.

The second way is for the party to kill Gronik without dealing with the adds first. You can do this either by simply healing through the adds' damage, or by fighting Gronik from a position out of the adds' range.

Hug the wall to the left at the end of the bridge and run to the very end of the outcrop (without falling down...). The tank must then shoot Gronik at max range and sprint back to the party to avoid the invisible wall that appears. Tank Gronik as close to the edge as you can get and nuke him down. This saves you having to DPS the adds and therefore Gronik will not have as much time to gain his damage increasing buff. This approach carries a risk -- any player that gets the AoE debuff has the choice of nuking his or her friends until it's stripped, or running to a position where the adds concentrate fire on him until he/she can get back. This may not be a concern if the adds themselves are the source of the AoE debuff (research needed).

After nuking him down the second way proceed to kill the adds and move on through the lava lake cave to Jultharin.


This fight is a pure DPS race. Jultharin has a slight AoE cleave and may stun a character for 3 seconds but that is the end of his abilities. Players should run close to the edge of the cliff to Jultharin left and position themselves at the very end behind Jultharin, as close to the edge as possible. This is because upon starting the fight a line of lightning will start to move across the battle field cutting down the tank/melee area. Early on, there was a way to use a rock ramp to circumvent the wall and kill the boss at leisure; as of Patch 1.2, that no longer works and the line cannot be avoided. The party MUST kill Jultharin before the lightning reaches them and knocks them off the cliff.

Healing has a very low requirement in this fight so 4 DPS. If you're having trouble you may need to pop more cooldowns/potions etc in order to increase your party DPS

Caelia the Stormtouched[]

Thankfully much easier post patch 1.2

Caelia should be tanked where she stand and party members should spread out to avoid a debuff she places on random players. This debuff should be dispelled if possible. Phase 1 is where she will use this debuff but other than that and a minor stun this phase is a pure tank and spank. Phase 2 usually occurs 20 seconds after Phase 1 starts. Caelia will become immune and summon a lot of wisp adds. All party members should immediately stack up on Caelia's position and proceed to quickly AoE the adds down. If this is not done quick enough the adds change into bomb and will wipe the party. Phase 3 starts immediately after the last add has been killed. Caelia will now shoot a bolt of lightening in a straight line in front of her and turn Anti clockwise. She will do around 1.5 to 2 whole spins. Phase 4 starts when Caelia stop channeling her beam. All party members MUST have there back to a wall towards the end of phase 3 because she will now use Touch of Storms and immobilize the party, pick them up and knock the backwards. If you have your back to the lava, congratulations, you are now dead.

Phase 4 is the most important part of the fight if you can position yourself correctly and have adequate healing then this fight is not all that difficult now they ahve fixed the bug.

After phase 4 Caelia will resort back to Phase 1 and start the cycle again. Rinse and repeat and you have Caelia down.





Ryka Dharvos[]



Caelia the Stormtouched[]