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Rift: Planes of Telara has an Ascended Soul class system which allows players a wide range of customisation. Each character has a fixed race, faction and calling which cannot be changed after character creation; however, a character may equip up to 3 souls from their chosen calling at any one time. The combination of souls and callings creates classes. All souls are split into one of several "responsibilities", which are defined as:

  • Offensive - Responsible for defeating the party's foes through any means possible, be it magic, melee, ranged attacks or pets.
  • Healers - Responsible for the well-being of the party, by healing their wounds and cleansing negative effects.
  • Defensive - Responsible for holding the enemy's attention and absorbing their attacks in order to keep their allies from harm.
  • Support - Responsible for aiding the party with powerful enhancement spells or crippling their enemies, making them easier for allies to kill.

There is no cooldown on switching souls, but you are required to be out of combat to do so.[1]

Each calling has 9 souls available. 8 of these are available in all game modes, with the other being a PvP Soul which may only be used in the PvP mode. Different classes or builds can be achieved via combination of different callings and souls.

The souls are allocated the following responsibilities;

Party responsibilities

Offensive Healer Defensive Support
Cleric Soul cablist.png - Cabalist Purifier - Purifier Soul justicar.png - Justicar
Soul druid.png - Druid Soul sentinel.png - Sentinel
Inquisitor - Inquisitor Soul warden.png - Warden
Soul shaman.png - Shaman
Warrior Soul beastmaster.png - Beastmaster Paladin - Paladin Soul warlord.png - Warlord
Champion - Champion Reaver - Reaver
Soul paragon.png - Paragon Soul voidknight.png - Void Knight
Soul riftblade.png - Riftblade
Mage Elementalist - Elementalist Soul chloromancer.png - Chloromancer Soul archon.png - Archon
Soul necromancer.png - Necromancer Soul dominator.png - Dominator
Soul pyromancer.png - Pyromancer
Soul stormcaller.png - Stormcaller
Warlock - Warlock
Rogue Soul assassin.png - Assassin Soul riftstalker.png - Riftstalker Soul bard.png - Bard
Blade Dancer - Blade Dancer
Soul marksman.png - Marksman
Nightblade - Nightblade
Ranger - Ranger
Soul saboteur.png - Saboteur


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