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Emotes display text in the chat frame and generally have animations that go with the text. Both, Emotes and Commands can be used from the chat window and from macros. When using Commands or Emotes in chat, the leading slash / must be used. For use in Macros, the leading slash can be left out.


Slash Command What it looks like in chat
/attack No text.
/apologize *<your name>* apologizes.* or You apologize to <targetname>.
/agree *<your name>* agrees with everyone.* or
/attention *<your name>* needs attention.* or You let <targetname> know that you need attention.
/angry *<your name>* is furious.* or You stomp angily at <targetname>.
/beckon *<your name>* bckons.* or You beckon <targetname> to you.
/beg *<your name>* begs.*
/bite *<your name>* looks around for someone to bite!.* or You bite <targetname> on the leg. Om nom nom!.
/bleed *<your name>* bleeds profusely.* or You bleed all over <targetname>
/boggle *<your name>* boggles, looking completely flabbergasted.* or You boggle at <targetname>, looking completely flabbergasted.
/bored *<your name>* is bored.* or You let <targetname>know that you are bored.
/bounce *<your name>* bounces with excitement.* or You bounce around <targetname> with excitement.
/bonk *<your name>* looks around for someone to bonk.* or You bonk <targetname> on the head.
/burp *<your name>* burps loudly.* or You burp loudly at <targetname>! You have the manners of a Gravemaker.
/bow *<your name>* bows.* or You bow to <targetname>.
/bye *<your name>* waves goodbye.* or You wave goodbye to <targetname>.
/charge No text.
/cheer *<your name>* cheers.* or You cheer for <targetname>.
/chicken *<your name>* acts like a chicken.* or
/clap *<your name>* claps.* or You applaud <targetname>.
/confused *<your name>* is confused.* or You gawk at <targetname> with a confused expression.
/cower *<your name>* cower.* or You cower before <targetname>.
/cringe *<your name>* cringes* or You cringe at <targetname>.
/cry *<your name>* cries.* or You cry on <targetname>'s shoulder.
/curtsey *<your name>* curtsies.* or You curtsey to <targetname>.
/dance *<your name>* dances.* or You dance with <targetname>.
/drink *<your name>* drinks.*
/drool *<your name>* drool.* or You drool all over <targetname>.
/eat *<your name>* is eating.* or
/examine *<your name>* looks around for something to examine.* or You examine <targetname>.
/eyebrow *<your name>* raises an eyebrow.* or You raise an eyebrow at <targetname>.
/facepalm *<your name>* expresses disbelief.* or You put your hand on your face in disbelief at <targetname>.
/fail *<your name>* senses the coming failure.* or You think that <targetname> has failed.
/flex *<your name>* flexes.* or You flex at <targetname>.
/flirt *<your name>* winks.* or You wink flirtatiously at <targetname>.
/frown *<your name>* frowns.* or You frown at <targetname>.
/gasp *<your name>* gasps.* or You gasp at <targetname>.
/giggle *<your name>* giggles* or You giggle at <targetname>.
/greet *<your name>* greet everyone heartly.* or You greet <targetname> heartly.
/grin *<your name>* grins.* or You grin at <targetname>.
/grovel *<your name>* grovels.* or You grovel before <targetname>.
/happy *<your name>* is happy.*
/hello *<your name>* waves hello.* or You wave hello to <targetname>.
/hug *<your name>* looks around for someone to hug.* or You hug <targetname>.
/kiss *<your name>* blows a kiss into the wind.* or You blow <targetname> a kiss.
/kneel *<your name>* kneels.* or You kneel before <targetname>.
/laugh *<your name>* laughs.* or You laugh at <targetname>.
/laydown *<your name>* lays down.*
/lick *<your name>* looks around for someone to lick.* or You lick <targetname>.
/listen *<your name>* is listening.* or You listen to <targetname>.
/lol *<your name>* laughs out loud.* or You laugh at <targetname>.
/mourn *<your name>* mourns the loss of the dead.* or You mourn the loss of <targetname>.
/no *<your name>* disagrees.* or You disagree with <targetname>.
/nod *<your name>* nods.* or You nod at <targetname>.
/openfire *<your name>* opens fire.*
/point *<your name>* points.* or You point at <targetname>.
/poke *<your name>* pokes everyone.* or You poke <targetname>.
/ponder *<your name>* ponders the situation.* or You ponder <targetname> question.
/pray *<your name>* prays.*
/question *<your name>* asks a lot of annoying questions.* or You question <targetname>'s sanity.
/rofl *<your name>* rolls on the floor laughing.* or You roll on the floor laughing to <targetname>.
/rude *<your name>* makes a rude gesture.* or You make a rude gesture to <targetname>.
/sad *<your name>* looks sad.*
/salute *<your name>* salutes.* or You salute <targetname>.
/scowl *<your name>* scowls.* or You scowl at <targetname>.
/shiver *<your name>* shiver. Brr!* or You shiver at <targetname>. Brr!
/shrug *<your name>* shrugs.* or You shrug unkowingly at <targetname>.
/silly *<your name>* acts silly.*
/sit *<your name>* sits.*
/slap *<your name>* is going to slap someone* or You slap <targetname> in the face!
/sleep *<your name>* goes to sleep*
/smile *<your name>* smiles.* or You smile at <targetname>.
/smirk *<your name>* smirks mischievously.* or You give <targetname> a mischievous smirk.
/snarl *<your name>* snarls viciously.* or You snarl viciously at <targetname>.
/snicker *<your name>* snickers smugly.* or You snicker smugly at <targetname>.
/sniff *<your name>* sniffs the air.* or You sniff <targetname>.
/strut *<your name>* struts around with a confident gait.* or You strut around <targetname> with a confident gait.
/swagger *<your name>* has a confident swagger.*
/talk *<your name>* talks.* or You talk to <targetname>.
/tap *<your name>* is getting impatient.* or You impatiently tap your foot at <targetname>.
/tease *<your name>* teases everyone.* or You tease <targetname>.
/terrible *<your name>* thinks this is terrible.* or You think <targetname> is terrible.
/thank *<your name>* appears thankful.* or You thank <targetname>.
/threaten *<your name>* threatens everyone with a fiery glare.* or You threaten <targetname> with a fiery glare.
/tickle *<your name>* looks around for someone to tickle!.* or You tickle <targetname> relentlessly.
/veto *<your name>* vetos the proposal.* or You veto <targetname>'s proposal.
/warmhands ?
/wave *<your name>* waves.* or You wave to <targetname>.
/welcome *<your name>* gives a friendly welcome.* or You give <targetname> a friendly welcome.
/whistle *<your name>* whistles joyfully like a song bird.* or You whistle at <targetname>.
/wonder *<your name>* wonders where all of the ugly people came from.* or You wonder if that is <targetname>'s face or a portal into the Plane of Ugly.
/yawn *<your name>* yawns.* or You yawn in <targetname>'s face. Your breath smells like a Bogling's!
/yes *<your name>* agrees.* or You agree with <targetname>.

Available Commands[]

General Commands[]

Slash Command Example Description
/alias /alias heal cast Healing Spray Creates a shortcut to your own commands.
The example creates a shortcut /heal that does the same as /cast Healing Spray
/bindmacrofile <keyboard key> <macrofile>
/cancelbuff <buff name> /cancelbuff Life of the Ages Removes the specified buff. Same as rightclicking a buff in the UI.[1]
/camp <character name> /camp Abigale Will log out the current character and attempt to login with the specified character on the same shard. Also triggers a confirmation window.[1]
/combatlog /combatlog Toggle for the combat log
/dismount /dismount Dismounts the player
/dungeoninfo /dungeoninfo Dungeon lockout information
/equip <name>
/equip <bagNo> <slotNo>
/equip Archaic Knive
/equip 0 2
Equips the specified item. /equip 0 2 would equip the third item from the first bag. Counting starts from zero.
/equipslot <slot> <name>
/equipslot <slot> <bagNo> <slotNo>
/equipslot weapon_off Archaic Knife
/equipslot weapon_off 0 2
Equips the specified item.[2]
/exportkeybindings <name> /exportui mykeys.dat exports the Keybind settings to a file called mykeys.dat in the root of the RIFT directory.
/exportui <name> /exportui myui.dat exports the UI settings to a file called myui.dat in the root of the RIFT directory.
/filter /filter Toggles the chat profanity filter
/focus /focus Saves the selected target as the focus target. The focus target will have it's own targetframe. Only one focustarget is possible at a time.
/follow, /f <player name> /follow Chuck Follows the selected player
/friend <character name> /friend Abigale Adds the specified player to your friendslist
/friendslist /friendslist Opens up the friendlist
/getfocus /getfocus Returns the current focustarget
/help /help Returns a list of available commands (this list)
/importkeybindings <name> /importkeybindings mykeys.dat Imports previously exported Keybind settings from a file called mykeys.dat in the root of the RIFT directory.
/importui <name> /importui myui.dat Imports previously exported UI settings from a file called myui.dat in the root of the RIFT directory.
/inspect /inspect Opens the targets player character information.
/loadequip <#> /loadequip 0 Loads the specified equipment, saved by /saveequip[3]
/loc /loc Returns your location in the world.
/logout /logout Triggers a confirmation window prior to logging out
/macro /macro Opens up the macro editor[4]
/played /played Returns the total playtime
/pvp /pvp Toggles the pvp-flag
/quit, /exit /quit, /exit Triggers the quit menu
/rand <min> <max> /rand 27 500 Returns a random number between min and max
/role <1-4> /role 2 Changes your role to the specified role. In this case role 2 will be selected.
/roll /roll 3 700 /roll will return a random number between 1 and 100. /roll <min> <max> lets you specify your own setting. Maximum is 1.000.000.
/saveequip <#> /saveequip 0 Saves all current equipped items under the given index. # must be between 0 and 9.[3]
/suppressmacrofailures /suppressmacrofailures command, which will block the "Can only cast one ability per macro" and other messages generated by any commands following the /suppressmacrofailures entry. Needs to only be place once in each macro near the start and before any /cast commands.
/trade <player name> /trade Scott Opens up a trade with the specified player
/tweet <text> /tweet Fighting back a world event right now. #rift Tweets some text. See Twitter for more information.
/tweetpic <text> /tweetpic Here's me fighting the invasions! #rift Tweets some text with a screenshot attached. Screenshots will be uploaded to See Twitter for more information.
/use <item name>
/use <bagNo> <slotNo>
/use Swift Horse Bridle
/use 0 2
Uses the specified item. Also works with items from collections.
/version /version Returns the current version of the game
/who /who Opens the social menu. In dungeons this menu displays all other player that are currently playing the dungeon.

Chat Commands[]

Slash Command Example Description
/chat <#> <message>
/<#> <message>
/chat 1 Hi guys
/1 Hi guys
Posts a message in the specified channel. The number can be retrieves with the /chatlist command
/chatlist /chatlist Returns a list of all channels you are in. Also shows the chatnumber which can be used with the /chat command
/guild, /g, /gu <message> /g good morning guild! Posts a message in the guild channel.
/lfg /lfg Joins you the Looking for Group chat channel
/officer, /off <message> /officer Hi guys! Writes in the officer channel. Requires a guild.
/party, /p <message> /p Clear the trash first Posts a message in the party channel. Requires a party.
/raid, /rw, /ra <message> /raid Hi guys Posts a message in the raid channel. Requires a raid.
/reply <message> /reply uhh, what? Replies to the last whisper.
/say, /s <message> /say Hi! Writes in the Local channel.
/whisper, /w, /tell, /t <message> /w Hi there! Writes a private message to the selected player. Also can be used like this: /w <playername> <message> without the need to select a player.
/yell, /shout <message> /yell Attention Writes in the Yell channel.

Channel moderation Commands[]

These only work for private channels you create.

Slash Command Example Description
/ann, /announce <channel#> /announce Enable join/leave announcements for a given channel
/bk, /ban, /cban, /chatban <channel#> <player name> Kick a player from a chat channel and ban them.
/chatwho, /chatlist, /clist <channel#> Lists players in a private channel
/cinvite, /chatinvite, /unban, /cunban, /chatunban <channel#> <player name> Unban and invite a player to a chat channel.
/mod, /moderator <channel#> <player name> Make someone a moderator of the given channel.
/owner <channel#> <player name> Transfer channel ownership.
/password <channel#> <password> Set the channel's password, or clear it if no password entered.
/private <channel#> Make a channel private - people must be invited using /cinvite to join.
/public <channel#> Make a channel public - anyone can join who is not on the ban list.
/unann, /unannounce <channel#> Disable join/leave announcements for a given channel.
/unmod, /unmoderator <channel#> <player name> Remove moderator permissions for a player on the given channel.

Group Commands[]

Slash Command Example Description
/clearallmarks /clearallmarks Clears all marks.
/demote <player name> /demote RandomGuy Demote the specified player from the current position.
/dumpraid <file name> /dumpraid myRaid.xml Dumps the Raid member list to the given XML file (defaults to Raid.xml in the Rift directory).[1]
/partyleave /partyleave Leaves the party.
/invite, /i <player name> /invite Chuck Invites the selected player to the party.
/promote <player name> /promote ChuckNorris Promotes the specified player to the raid leader position.
/leader <player name> /leader Norris Promotes the selected player to the party leader.
/leave /leave Leaves the party or raid.
/lfg /lfg Joins you the Looking for Group chat channel.
/mark /mark <targetname> 1 Marks a target with a number. Targetname can be left out but then a target must be selected. Only party leaders and raid assistants can set marks. <targetname> currently does not work. Only works against active target
/raid_create /raid_create Creates a new raid.
/raid_disband /raid_disband Disbands the raid.
/readycheck /readycheck Performs a readycheck on the raid.

Guild Commands[]

Slash Command Example Description
/dumpguild <filename> /dumpguild myGuild.xml Dumps the Guild Roster to the given XML file (defaults to Guild.xml in the Rift directory).[1]

Pet Commands[]

Slash Command Example Description
/petcast <spell name> /petcast Charge Casts the specified pet spell

Combat Commands[]

Commands that are useful in combat.

Slash Command Example Description
/cast <spell name> /cast Cleansing Waters Casts the specified spell
/startattack /startattack Starts a meele attack
/startrandgedattack /startrandgedattack Starts an attack with the ranged weapon
/stopattack /stopattack Stops an ongoing attack
/stopcasting /stopcasting Stops an ongoing spellcast
/target <target name> /target ChuckNo Will pick the first match in target names
/targetexact <target name> /targetexact ChuckNorris Requires the exact target name
/targetlasttarget /targetlasttarget Targets the last target


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