A companion is a non-combat vanity pet that follows a character about on their adventures when summoned. A companion provides no additional stats for a character. Companions can be targeted and killed by monsters as of Beta 4. A pet can be summoned again after it has been killed.

List of companions[]

Artifact Collection Rewards[]

Complete the given artifact collection to receive the companion.

[Dead Simon] Dead Simon
[Spirit of Tears] Critter Tears
[Chipmunk] Relics of Freemarch
[Red Roc] Artifacts of Stonefield
[Forest Protector] Silverwood
[Forest Strike Hatchling] Gloamwood
[Arcane Excavator] Scarlet Gorge
[Basilisk] Scarwood Reach Artifacts
[Cloven Stoneram] Moonshade Highlands
[Scorpion] Artifacts of Droughtlands
[Spot] Rorf Collection; Awesome Reward

Planar Companions[]

Grim Harvest Event[]

Pre-order Bonus Companions[]

Collector's Edition Companions[]


Spoils Of War Event[]