There are several types of creatures in the Rift: Planes of Telara gameworld setting. This list will evolve over time as more information is released. For larger pictures, visit the Image Gallery.

Please see the Bestiary or use the search feature above to find information on specific creatures found in-game.


Harmless Animals.


So far it is known that there are fire, earth, air, water and life elementals. This implies that there are also dark, or death, elementals.

Planar creatures[]

  • Mistwalker


Creatures which look like goblins or orcs are in the game, in addition to Ettins and trolls.


  • Kobold
  • Yeti


Any animal which is similar to those found naturally on Telara. Most insectoids are considered as beasts in the game setting.

  • Sicklehorns
  • Razorbeasts
  • Scarabs
  • Vespids
  • Scorpids
  • Gargoyles
  • Seacaps
  • Marchwolves
  • Razorfins
  • Crocodiles


Eight legged carnivorous invertebrates

Rare Creature[]

In each province there are a number of creatures classified as rare. When encountered and engaged, a specific in game message will pop up telling the player he or she has encountered a rare creature. It is unknown how often or in what location these creatures will be encountered. Rare creatures are also part of province specific acheivments a character may gain by defeating a proscribed number of different rare monsters in a given province.



Unknown Classification[]

A number of strange creatures can be found in Rift, which we have not yet found a suitable category. Click on the link above to see the yet unnamed creatures.


Pictures of undead can be seen in the trailer video, and mention of skeletons, zombies, and a lich is made in various E3 previews.[1]


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