Crucia is the great dragon goddess of the Blood Storm who led a war against the High Elves of Telara.[1] Crucia is from the elemental Plane of Air, and her Dragon Cult is known the Storm Legion. Once you are "touched" by this goddess, you're never the same, and those who are under her influence for too long eventually become an embodiment of her will.[2]

Cult of Crucia: the Storm Legion[]

Once, Crucia possessed a vast empire, unflinching armies, and the most sophisticated spy network in Telara’s history. Now, the Storm Queen can merely invade and overthrow the minds of mortals who lack the monumental will to resist her.

A lifelong friend suddenly changes expression and becomes a deadly assassin. Children turn against their parents, and kings are killed by their consorts, who the night before swore love eternal. Crucia cannot fully control everyone in her cult, but once touched, the thrall remains something of a blank slate, easy pickings for further control. Crucia has worn their minds smooth, as the wind scours the mountainside.


Crucia is imprisoned deep below the mountains of Iron Pine Peaks, a deed performed by Phynnious Rothmann[3], the first pyromancer, and Ekkehard[4] , first of the Shamans and blessed by Thedeor.[5]


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