Devouring Blow

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Devouring Blow
Devouring Blow
Calling: Warrior
Usable by: Void Knight
Cost: 10 Energy
Casting Time: Instant
Range: 3 meters
Charge generated: 1 Attack Points
Ranks: 10
Requires: 2 Points spent in Void Knight
Requires: Level 2
Ravenously attack for weapon plus Physical damage, in addition to draining Mana equal to 100% of the damage done, and generating Pacts if the target has Mana. Generates additional threat:
  • 1 Point: 100% of weapon plus 13 damage, adds 1 Pact.
  • 2 Points: 120% of weapon plus 22 damage, adds 2 Pacts.
  • 3 Points: 140% of weapon plus 32 damage, adds 3 Pacts.