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With the introduction of the Storm Legion expansion, all players were given access to a feature that allows them to have their own miniature zone to furnish. This doubles as both guild and player housing. Low level characters are given an introductory quest that directs them to a NPC, differing depending upon their faction. There they receive the key to their dimension which acts like a teleportation spell. This is later accessible in the player's dimension window, the default keybinding being [.

Once a player completes this quest, they're able to purchase more dimensions as well as dimension slots that allow them to have more than two dimensions active at a time. These new dimensions can be purchased in the Rift cash shop or at a NPC vendor in the player's capitol city. Dimensions begin with a base level for the number of items a player can place within it. This can be expanded by purchasing a "level up" for the dimension, allowing for more items to be placed. Items to decorate the dimensions can be purchased at any dimensional vendor or within the Rift cash shop. Various crafting skills also have the ability to create these items.