The Dragon Cults were formed by denizens of Telara who wanted the power offered by the various dragon gods of the Blood Storm. They have been taking advantage of the conflict between the Guardians and the Defiant to weaken the Ward.[1] When the Blood Storm first came to Telara, they immediately fell to fighting each other, each aspect seeking to seize the precious world for their own ends. This coup amongst the Gods of the Storm saved Telara, as the combined might of the Dragons was enough to stop Regulos from devouring the world utterly. During this time, not only the did Peoples of Telara being to rally a defense, but the Dragons themsleves began to spread their influence amongst the insane and power hungry. These groups of outcasts and criminals formed the first Cults of the Dragon

The Dragon Cults[]

Each cult is loyal to their own particular Aspect of the Blood Storm, and has been existing in secret over the centuries since the imprisonment of their masters. Buried in deep and forgotten places within the world, these imprisoned Gods have been able to make limited contact with their worshippers, and there have been several times that various cults were thought to have vanished entirely. Regulos, having been banished beyond the Ward, and not fully imprisoned, has been able to influence Telara the most, his Endless Court being the most prevalent and lethal of the various cults. However, since the weakening of the Ward, an influx of planar energies has swept through Telara, energizing the imprisoned behemoths, and giving them greater influence over both Telara and their insane followers.


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