The Dragonslayer Covenant was formed as an order of Telarans — primarily Eth and Bahmi — sworn to keeping watch over the Dragon Cults and preventing the Blood Storm Lords' release. Given the Covenant's embrace of Eth technology, none of the Vigil’s devoted races joined their initial ranks. The Covenant were the ones who discovered that the Mathosian prince, Aedraxis Mathos, had been consorting with members of the Endless Court.[1]

During the Mathosian Civil War, the Dragonslayers lost many of their greatest, including Orphiel's envoy, Asha Catari, who died battling alongside Zareph and his generals. After this devastating loss, Orphiel gathered his remaining followers and took then to join the survivors at Port Scion.[1]

Notable NPC's[]

Quartermaster Kemar


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