Calling: Mage
Primary Stat: Intelligence
Weapons: Staffs, 1h Swords, Daggers, Totems
Abilities: Listed here
Armor: Cloth

Elementalists are mages who specialize in manipulating and controlling the raw energies of the planes. Through fierce discipline and strict study, these mages dedicate themselves to commanding the harshest and most chaotic forces known to exist.

Elementalists are recognized by their emaciated bodies and physical frailty, as they commit every ounce of energy toward strengthening their mental abilities. Their planar powers are typically channeled through enchanted staves of lightweight wood or steel, and they wear only the flimsiest of cloth vestments for protection.

Description[ | ]

Strengths[ | ]

The will of an Elementalist is so powerful that it allows the mage to manifest the elements and bind them to physical form, ripping them from the planes and using them as allies in battle. Each elemental has its own strengths and weaknesses, making the Elementalist a flexible and potent force on the field of battle.

Weaknesses[ | ]

Their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness, for an Elementalist without their summoned minions is just a frail scholar with minor magic at their disposal.

Gameplay[ | ]

The Elementalist is an excellent soul for solo Mages, as it has 3 defensive powers available at low level: Stone Armor buffs Armor value, Ice Shield absorbs damage, and Elemental Link reduces all damage taken. This complements an effective tanking pet, the Earth Elemental, and a single-target root (Encase) provides crowd control for accidental pulls. As they gain survivability, the Elementalist gains access to different elementals, making them more useful in team situations or when the Mage's life is not in immediate peril.

Background[ | ]

As elemental gods, the Blood Storm wreaked havoc on the natural order of Telara with planar magic. The races of Telara had little experience with the mighty power of the elemental planes like fire, water, and even death. The Blood Storm pulled these planes closer to Telara causing great destruction and chaos to the forces aligned against them.

It was in this age that pioneering mages of the High Elves began to study and exploit weaknesses in the elemental forces, harnessing and redirecting them against the invading forces. This dangerous art had dire consequences, since a loss of concentration by an Elementalist could end in immediate and painful death. Despite these risks, the Elementalists were effective at turning the tide of the war: Their art kept them far away from the battlefield, and their minions inflicted heavy losses on the planar hosts invading Telara.

Today this arcane art still flourishes across Telara and it remains as important as ever. Those mages who demonstrate an impressive force of will and an affinity for the natural order often make accomplished Elementalists. Those mages who do not share these talents and begin summoning the elements typically don't survive very long.[1]

"I mold and bind the most primal forces of existence into beings that serve my will. They will destroy my enemies, or form protective defenses around my allies. I am the undisputed master of the elements."

Abilities[ | ]

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Silverwood elementalist earth 01
Elementalist Shadowlands 01

Concept[ | ]

Elementalist Concept 02

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References[ | ]

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