A faction is a group of people or mobs in game who fight for the same cause. Each player is a member of one of two playable factions (The Guardians or The Defiant) chosen during character creation. Players can gain notoriety with non-playable factions by completing quests for them or fighting against their enemies.

Playable factions[ | ]

Guardian logo Large 01
Defiant logo-Large 01
The Guardians The Defiant

Player's choice of faction alters the availability of races. Mathosians, High Elves and Dwarves are Guardian races, while Eth, Kelari and Bahmi are the options for Defiants.

Each faction has its own cities, and cannot group with members of opposite faction. However, players can talk to the other faction using either the /say or /yell command.

There is currently no way to change a characters playable faction in or out of the game (i.e. no betrayal quest or pay to switch feature).

Non-playable factions[ | ]

As players interact with NPC factions, they gain notoriety towards a particular faction. After first interaction player's notoriety level is usually neutral. Players gain access to gear and recipes sold by faction quartermaster as they gain notoriety levels with the faction.

Warfront Factions[ | ]

Warfront factions are related to PvP. Notoriety with warfront factions is gained by completing daily PvP quests or by winning a warfront and killing enemies there. Quartermasters of these factions are in Sanctum or in Command Center in Meridian.

Warfront Guardian Defiant
Black Garden Caretakers The Moribund
The Codex The Unspoken Eldritch Seekers
Winterfall Steppes Whitefall Brigade The Storm Guard
Battle for Port Scion Noble Guard Eldritch Vanguard

Planar Factions[ | ]

These factions are associated with certain rift types. Player can gain notoriety by killing planar mobs, destroying footholds, sealing rifts and stopping zone invasions. Quartermasters are located in capital cities Sanctum and Meridian.

Plane Guardian Defiant
Death Order of the Death Serpent The Grim Disciples
Life Order of Life Serene Students of the Vale
Earth Mendicant Order The Shale Collegiate
Air The Storm Inquisition Zephyrian Collective
Water Order of Purity Mercurial Savants
Fire Order of the Flame Ember Scholars

Regional Factions[ | ]

Their forces are bound to certain regions. Players can befriend them by completing quests and running dungeons in the area. Quartermasters usually be found in the main settlement of the region.

Zone Guardian Defiant
Silverwood Quicksilver Scholars none
Freemarch none Freemarch Wardens
Gloamwood Gloamwood Waykeepers none
Stonefield none Granite Falls
Scarlet Gorge Quarry Rats Quarry Rats
Scarwood Reach Iron Claw Trappers Red Scar Trackers
Moonshade Highlands The Runeguard The Runeguard
Droughtlands Arcane Hand Arcane Hand
Iron Pine Peak Icewatch Icewatch
Shimmersand Dragonslayer Covenant Dragonslayer Covenant
Stillmoor Order of Mathos Order of Mathos