Fall of Lantern Hook
LH Dungeon
Jump into this pool if you dare..
End bossEmberlord Ereetu
Instance info
Advised level43-44
Player limit5

Fall of Lantern Hook is a dungeon in the Droughtlands aimed at the level 43-44 player.

When you are zoning in from the Lantern Hook porticulum, you will see two tunnels directly in front of you after entering the central chamber of Lantern Hook. Take the one of the left and head down. You will then see a large pool in the center of the room, swim to the bottom and you will zone in to the dungeon.

Inside you will start off floating in a pool, surrounded by some packs of mobs that guard two prisoners. These prisoners will give quests the first time, and freeing them is an objective of the automatic quest inside, so make sure to give them a hand. The quests themselves are very straightforward.

See Fall of Lantern Hook (Expert) for specifics in the expert mode version of this instance.

Quests[ | ]

Achievements[ | ]

Bosses[ | ]

Rorf[ | ]

Rorf and Scratchy

Rorf is based on the warrior soul and has a pet named Scratchy. He roams around the first open area inside the dungeon. It's important to kill the three Wanton Sentries and other trash packs before pulling Rorf. Preferably pull the sentries without pulling more trash, since you will need to burn the sentry down before it calls reinforcements.

Strategy[ | ]

Scratchy, the pet, has a damage-over-time spell called Infected Wound which does the most damage in this fight. The priority is to kill Scratchy first. Rorf will attempt to cast a spell which heals his pet when he is low on health. Interrupt this spell and proceed to kill Rorf. Rorf himself has 2 abilities not counting the pet heal. First one is called Spirit Bite which is a ranged attack. Second one is called Feral Root: Rorf jumps backwards for about 10 meters and roots the tank for 2 seconds. The tank should position himself so that Rorf jumps he bumps into a wall, so when he jumps again he will remain in the same place, thus unable to cast Spirit Bite and the root is rendered useless.

Click here for tactics on Expert Mode

Loot[ | ]

Item Name Req. Level Type Slot
[Catgut Treads] 42 Leather Armor Feet
[Feline Steelboots] 42 Plate Armor Feet
[Flimsy Fur Hood] 42 Leather Armor Helmet
[Rorf’s Copper Crown] 42 Plate Armor Helmet
[Rorf’s Pinky Ring] 42 Accessory Ring
[Sinew Strung Longbow] 42 Bow Ranged
[Faded Crest of the Wanton] 42 Shield Off Hand

Pyromaster Cortilnald[ | ]


Cortilnald will be on a ledge above a big room and should be pulled after clearing all the trash.

Strategy[ | ]

After being pulled, the boss will start spawning Scaldflesh Ash and Molten Dogs. They need to be killed, otherwise they will persist the whole fight and will continue to do damage. Also, Pyromaster Cortilnald will begin to cast Pillar of Fire. Everyone has to run out of the fire circles to avoid damage.

Shortly after, the second phase begins. Pyromaster Cortilnald will appear in the middle of the room. He will be using a few damage abilities. Fire Ball - a quick casting ability and Cinderburst - a slow casting ability. Fire ball is always cast on the tank, on the onther hand, Cinderburst's target is random and deals superior damage. Cinderburst must be interrupted as it could cost you a wipe. At the same time Pyromaster Cortilnald will be teleporting through the room and casting Pillar of Fire. As at the first stage, avoid the circles.

It would be best if the tank had the champion ability bull rush to quickly interrupt Cinderburst when the boss teleports to the other side of the room but it is not mandatory as the casting time of Cinderburst is really long.

Click here for tactics on Expert Mode

Loot[ | ]

Item Name Req. Level Type Slot
[Cleaver of Burning Rage] 42 Axe One Hand
[Conflagration Cover] 42 Cloth Armor Helmet
[Cortilnald’s Smoking Slippers] 42 Cloth Armor Feet
[Faceguard of the Pyre] 42 Chain Armor Helmet
[Luminous Flametreads] 42 Chain Armor Feet
[Talisman of Charred Blood] 42 Accessory Neck
[Tempered Magma Loop] 42 Accessory Ring

Emberlord Ereetu[ | ]


Ereetu is standing in an open area, and this fight is quite a step up in difficulty from the previous two.

Strategy[ | ]

At lower levels this fight requires a healer and an off-healer and is a dps race. Emberlord Ereetu has 4 abilities: Fire Claw which is a frontal cleave, Explosive Bolt which randomly picks a target and explodes dealing damage to everyone surrounding the player, Dark Invocation which is a fear and Scorching Shard which summons a shard in a simmilar fashion like the last boss of Deepstrike Mines Gatekeeper Kaleida.

After some time the shards start doing AOE damage. All abilities are spammed quite often. All players except the tank have to group behind Emberlord Ereetu to avoid the cleave. The tank has to slowly kite the boss near the edges (you cannot fall) going around the room so that the shards spawn in an organized matter. That means that other players have to stick rather close but behind Ereetu. The shards will persist untill Ereetu is dead. This is why it is so important to keep kiting the boss in a spiral-wise pattern so that the room doesnt get filled with shards too fast. A warrior tank with Void Knight as a main soul gets the job done the best.

Click here for tactics on Expert Mode

Loot[ | ]

Item Name Req. Level Type Slot
[Breastplate of the Inferno] 42 Plate Armor Chest
[Broadsword of the Inferno] 42 Sword One Hand
[Emberlord’s Flamewand] 42 Fire Wand Ranged
[Ereetu’s Flamebound Spire] 42 Staff Two-Handed
[Faceguard of the Pyre] 42 Chain Mail Helmet
[Fire-Emblazoned Chainmail] 42 Chain Mail Chest
[Jagged Obsidian Blade] 42 Dagger One Hand
[Molten Lavastone Hammer] 42 Mace One Hand
[Raging Char Tunic] 42 Leather Armor Chest
[Robes of the Wanton] 42 Cloth Armor Chest

Bind on Pickup Loot[ | ]

The following items drop randomly from trash inside this instance:

Item Name Req. Level Type Slot
[Blade of Sorrows] 42 Sword One Hand
[The Bone Slicer] 42 Two-Handed Sword Two-Handed

Videos[ | ]

tgnRift's Guide to The Fall of Lantern Hook Normal

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