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Fishing allows for players to catch fish and various other items from Telara's waters. The only requirement for fishing is a pole, purchased from any fishing trainer found in your cities crafting area. Players have the ability to craft Lures to improve your chances of fishing up particular items.

How To Fish[ | ]

Players can fish at any body of water by pressing their fishing hotkey or skill button and clicking the location where the line is desired to be cast. Once the fishing pole bends and the water froths, the hotkey again must be clicked again. An alternative to this method is clicking on the frothing water where the hook is located. This can happen more than once as the fish tries to flee.

Rewards[ | ]

Fishing in each zone can yield any general artifact from the zone, special fishing-only artifacts, and artifact-quality "trophy" versions of the fish from that zone. The trophy fish fit into several artifact sets each. The more complex fishing trophy sets reward minipets, either frogs or crabs.

Fishing Level by Zone[ | ]

Level 1 required[ | ]

Silverwood / Freemarch

Level 40 required[ | ]

Gloamwood / Stonefield

Level 90 required[ | ]

Scarlet Gorge / Scarwood Reach

Level 120 required[ | ]

Lake of Solace / Iron Pine Peak

Level 150 required[ | ]

Moonshade Highlands

Level 180 required[ | ]


Level 210 required[ | ]

Stillmoor / Shimmersand

Level 240 required[ | ]

Ember Isle

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