Screenshot of Commander Kain.

Commander Frederic Kain is the leader of the 12th Sanctuary Guard who are also known as Kain's fist and they're fiercely loyal to Kain.

Kain was given the mission from the Vigil. To collect all the shattered remnants of Aedraxis, an artifact instilled with power by Regulos, and destroy them.

Kain is an extremist in his views, wanting to cleanse Telara of the Defiants and hates all that they stand for, defiance.

Kain is the opposite of what one would think a Guardian is, in all inspects, grim, scowling face, black and bloodied axe. He is an arrogant, merciless and harsh soldier.

Marshal Kain is a main quest giver and his storyline quests leads to the Sir/Dame title.


Kain fought in the Mathosian Civil War and died. He returned as an ascended and stood along side Cyril Kalmar.

He became a Marshal with the Sanctuary Guard after becoming ascended.




  • Early on in the Planes of Telara beta, Frederic Kain was the name given to the NPC quest giver who stood beside Cyril Kalmar in Valor Hold and gave out quests.
  • Prior to release, Frederic Kain was renamed Marshal Kain. Meanwhile, in Terminus, starting Defiant players face off against Frederic the Betrayer.
  • Frederic Kain still appears in the Bare Knuckled: The Return series of dailies as one of the pit fighters. A Mathosian who asks to be called Niak Cirederf, which is Frederic Kain backwards, is one of the randomly chosen combatants. He drops an artifact called "Niak's Sanctuary Guard Insignia".
  • He is also seen in Gloamwood's Gloamwood Pines arriving from the Porticulum to criticize Marshal Oakheart's command of the 8th Sanctuary Guard and leaving.


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