Frederic the Betrayer
Frederic the Betrayer
Level Range: 4
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Health: 215
Faction: ,|x|x |, }}
Type: Undead Melee
Zone: Terminus
Area: Clods Hollow
Loc: [505,905]
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Frederic the Betrayer is likely the undead remnant of Frederic Kain, who was a quest giver during the Guardian starting zone during early betas. Before release, however, Frederic Kain was renamed Marshal Kain, so the connection between Marshal Kain and Frederic the Betrayer is no longer indicated.

You are a fool to stand in the way of Regulos!
Regulos commands the destruction of this device. These guardians play right into hes plans... the fools.
I cannot allow you to interfere with the works of Regulos, Ascended. Raise your weapon and prepare to end your second life.