Concept art of Gloamwood Pines.

A settlement in Gloamwood.

The village of Gloamwood Pines slouches in the darkening wood, its people sullen and mistrustful, refusing strangers hospitality even as they seek help to keep their village alive. Grisly murders have long plagued Gloamwood Pines, and though all evidence points to a huge beast, no amount of culling the local predators has stopped the killer.

Villagers also speak of the hag who lives in Deepwood Cottage. She was old when the toothless village grandfathers were but little boys, toiling over her curses or peering out at the woods with milky eyes visible through a slit in the curtains. Some say the hag and Gloamwood are one, and you might be tempted to believe it when you watch the knotted shadows grasp at the trees.

Gloamwood Pines is also home to Gwyddon Duskenleaf, who is able to cure Hag's Curse. He is found at [5175,3221]

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Watchers on the march in Gloamwood Pines.

Gloamwood Pines.

Gloamwood Pines.

A paladin in Gloamwood Pines.

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