Gloamwood Waykeepers

Zone: Gloamwood
Location: Gloamwood Pines
Faction: Guardians

Based in Gloamwood, this group are the sworn protectors of the people of the region. Their mandate includes making sure that the horrors of Gloam remain in the shadows.

Available Items

New items are available to players at given Notoriety levels.
Quartermaster Sardon Kenrad is located in the Dusken Draft in Gloamwood Pines.


[Waykeeper's Insignia]
[Recipe: Steel Buckler]
[Recipe: Waykeeper's Band]
[Recipe: Blackwood Chopper]
[Recipe: Nightfire Spellshield]
[Recipe: Waykeeper's Axe]
[Recipe: Wayward Longsword]


[Gloamwood Morning Star]
[Waykeeper's Ceremonial Blade]
[Gloomshrouded Dagger]
[Waykeeper's Duskblade]


[Recipe: Greater Bottle of Tricks]
[Recipe: Grand Fireworks]
[Recipe: Banishing Blade]
[Recipe: Bloodmoon Sniper]
[Recipe: Nightshade Belt]
[Recipe: Triple-Knotted Band]
[Pet Werewolf]
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