Gods are beings with powers incomprehensible to lesser beings. There may be more than just gods of the Blood Storm and of the Vigil, who potentially survived the Shade.[1] The Gods confirmed to have survived include Regulos (currently trying to consume the world after being banished from Telara), Greenscale (located in the raid Greenscale's Blight), Crucia (locked within an icy prison deep in Iron Pine Peak), and Akylios (locked deep in Hammerknell). Maelforge is also presumed to have survived, as he is found communicating with his minions in Silverwood.

The currently known gods in Rift: Planes of Telara:

Gods of the Blood Storm[]

The Gods of the Blood Storm were imprisoned by the combined might of the forces of Telara in antiquity. It is important to note that Regulos is the only Blood Storm God who is not imprisoned, but instead banished beyond the Ward by the Gods of the Vigil. The other five God-Dragons of the Blood Storm are imprisoned in various locations within the World of Telara itself. However, since the damaging of the Barrier to the Planes during the Mathosian Civil War, these imprisoned Gods have found their strength increased as proximity to their native Plane has increased. As such, they are able to more forcefully spread their influence to their various cults and cause increasing havoc in Telara. We can only expect their powers to increase as the Ward continues to weaken.

Gods of the Vigil[]


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