Growth of the Aelfwar is a 10-man raid Life Rift.

Requires (obtain in your capital city, in the planar area):

  • Honored with Students of the Vale
  • 500 [Planarite]
  • 10 Corrupted Souls

Information & Strategy[ | ]

Phase 1[ | ]

Role-Playing Event

Phase 2 - Caine the Wild[ | ]

Caine turns into a wolf, tank picks it up and you nuke him down. He calls in smaller wolves that need to be picked up by your off tank Simply nuke him down then kill the wolves after. Every wolf you kill causes him to gain a stacking damage buff. With a geared tank you can aoe the wolves down. Otherwise do them one by one!

Phase 3 - Bilevenom Sentries[ | ]

Two Large Spiders spawn! The left one needs to be picked up and off tanked as it is taunt immune. The right one should be picked up and nuked down. Smaller spiders also spawn that need to be taunted Once the right spider is killed a lot of tiny spiders spawn These should be aoe'd down and the other spider adds should be killed. then switch to the remaining spider boss and nuke him down.

Phase 4 - Vinsula Deadgrowth[ | ]

The Big Tree boss - as always this is the first boss on a timer and with loot. He summons 4 life idols around him. These need to be taken one at a time in a 10 man group Attacking them causes an elite to spawn that should be picked up and killed. At the same time seeds will randomly spawn in the raid area, these need to be nuked down asap or another elite 'Death bloom' will be spawned which does steady aoe damage. Once the 4th idol is down the Tree boss will become vulnerable. At the moment he does nothing but stand there (this is a bug) and needs to be nuked down. After about 40seconds he will resummon the idols. Rinse and repeat until dead.

Phase 5 - Earl Aelorwin[ | ]

Earl turns into a turtle and is one of the easiest fights in the event. He is simply tank and spanked down, occasionally turning members of the raid into plants. Earl also places a poison zone down on the floor (purple/pink smoke) - simply move out of it. Nuke the plants down to free your raid members.

Phase 6 - Marquis Valone[ | ]

He is a culmination of all the fights before him. His humanoid form is tank and spank, then he will become a wolf, then a spider and finally a tree. This entire time he should be tank and spanked but there are a few things to look out for: Wisps continually spawn, should they reach him without being killed they will place a healing buff on the boss. Secondly he will spawn poision on the floor players simply need to move out of the poison zone. In case of a graphics bug where the poison is invisible, players should move about 6m in any direction if they notice they are taking a steady 700 damage. Also, he turn people into plants. Nuke them down to free the people. Stacks "Deadly Slash" on the tank target causing 10% increasing damage taken and 5% reduced healing per stack.

Loot[ | ]