This article is about the soul. For the weapon, see Harbinger (weapon).
Calling: Mage
Primary Stat: Int
Weapons: Staves, Tomems,Wands,Daggers and Swords
Abilities: Listed here
Armor: Cloth

Description[ | ]

The Harbinger adds fearsome melee prowess to the Mage Calling, wielding blades of conjured Air and Life energy. This grim weapon master spells doom for enemies in close combat, and can work in tandem with other Souls to reduce cast times, providing deadly barrages from any range. The Harbinger uses unarmored mobility and future-sight to survive in the thick of battle, invoking absorption, self-healing, and avoidance abilities – including invisibility – to mitigate damage and set up devastating attacks.

Strengths[ | ]

Harbingers excel at dealing damage to single targets in melee range. They have high survivability and can live through damage that would kill most Mages.

Weaknesses[ | ]

Harbingers have limited ability to deal area damage and are less effective if kept at range. Though they have great survivability for Mages, they are Mages nonetheless, and vulnerable to a concerted assault.

Background[ | ]

The Storm Legion Commander watched with satisfaction as a small army of Telarans trudged into camp. For all the untapped power of its sourcestone, this world had fallen quickly. Still, he wondered if Regulos knew they were stealing so many souls.

An ear-splitting bolt of energy shook him from thought.

“The Queen wants the captives alive!” he bellowed, pushing through bodies toward the gate. There, he discovered an old man standing over one of his soldiers. The Commander whistled, and Legionaries drew their swords.

“The Queen values power, Mage – and fealty.” He waved a hand dismissively. “Break him in the name of Crucia.”

As the guards charged, the old man summoned blades of energy. His eyes darkened briefly, staring past the Commander. Then he flickered among the attacking soldiers, who fell as one, clutching livid slashes in their armor.

The Commander was stunned by the pace of the erupting melee, the blades of sizzling magic, the swordsman who seemed to see the future. Though a dozen soldiers joined the fray, he dodged with prescient ease, or blocked their blows with shields of light.

“Archers!” the Commander shouted. But the old man flashed to the parapets where the bowmen stood, and the killing began anew. Warping space, the man cleft through arrows in flight and the archers who loosed them – at the same time.

The Storm Legion Commander crawled through the muddy trail prisoners had left as they escaped. The wound in his side smelled of charged copper. He must focus. Contact the Queen. Warn her that his soldiers were dead. That this new threat had ripped his war machines apart.

A chain of light pulled him back to the gate.

“I am Prion.” The old man loomed over the Commander. His blades were gone, transformed into a scythe of glimmering energy. “This Queen of yours – she can hear us?”

The Commander’s tongue thickened as his consciousness was joined. He marveled at the sweep of light.

“Tell her the Harbinger has arrived.” [1]

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