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This article contains information about how you can add your guild to Telarapedia Wiki.

You can easily add your guild to the wiki simply by adding your guild name in the input box below and click create. You will have a template preloaded so you just have to fill in your guild's information:


This is important to indicate that the guild listing here is not a general part of the game or lore.


Although the Guild form applies the {{Guild}} template for you, it is a good idea to take a closer look at the template to understand what information is collected.

The template will appear on your guild page as the following code:


If your guild doesn't have one of these fields (such as forums, a website or a specific timezone) you can just remove that line, and it won't be displayed in the template. The only required field is guild_name.


  • You may include a banner image for your guild if you wish. Upload your file (linking to offsite image does not work). 150px X 250px recommended. Preface any images with Guild_Guild Name.


  • If your guild is playing on a specific continent, you can add it to this page.
  • If your guild does not use English as your primary language, you can also add your guild to this page