High Elf
High Elf
Faction: Guardians
Racial Leader: Shyla Starhearth

Beautiful, elegant, and extremely cultured, the High Elves trace their roots all the way back to the Age of Legend, when their god Tavril and the other four gods of the Vigil created the world of Telara. The High Elves are one of the oldest and most storied races living on Telara.

History[ | ]

For millennia, the High Elves ruled most of Telara, as the great forest of Tavra once spanned most of the world. It is this legacy of dwelling amid the great forest heights that allows them to fall from amazingly long distances without harm. As both caretakers and protectors of the great forests of Telara, the High Elves have an intimate connection with all the natural forces of the world, making them true masters of the healing arts.

Elven Male Elder

High Elf Elder

Many centuries ago, a major turning point occurred for the High Elves during the Blood Storm Wars, one from which they have yet to recover. Crucia, the great dragon goddess of the Blood Storm, amassed her cruel armies and set into motion a plan to annihilate Tavril's High Elves. The followers of Crucia warred against the High Elves, systematically destroying their people and their homes.

Though most of the High Elven Heart Grove was destroyed during the war, the invaders were eventually driven back, and ultimately defeated by the first great alliance of races. The High Elves of today founded a new capitol in Cliffside Vale, but sadly the race retains only a shadow of the glory they knew at Telara's dawn.

Despite this tragic past, the High Elven people still live their lives in the service of Telara's greater good, protecting the world from the evils of Regulos and the Blood Storm, and becoming powerful allies of the Guardian faction. Having witnessed the original attacks on Telara by the Blood Storm in ages past, the High Elves have vowed to prevent Regulos's return to the world at all costs. Though they can be arrogant and distrustful of the younger races of Telara at times, the High Elves' commitment to the preservation of the world can never be questioned.[1]

Racial Abilities[ | ]

Grace of the Forest[3]
Life resistance increased by 20

Angelic Flight
Flies toward the selected area. Cannot be used in combat.

It should be noted this is real flight and the player can use this to cross good-sized gaps or chasms. However it's not possible to climb walls.

Notable Figures[ | ]

Shyla Starhearth
Prince Hylas

Images[ | ]

A female High Elf
A female High Elf

Other Information[ | ]

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