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House Aelfwar
House Aelfwar
The astray High Elves
Faction: Dragon Cult
Racial Leader: Prince Hylas

The Dragon Cult associated with Greenscale, the dragon of life. It is mostly composed of a breakaway faction of High Elves under the leadership of Prince Hylas, who seek to destroy civilization and remake the world as a primordial jungle. In addition to the elves, it has members of the faerie court and large creatures such as treants.[1]

For eons, the High Elves of House Aelfwar safeguarded Telara’s wild places. Then the Ascended returned from death as protectors of all Telara, and Aelfwar fell in status from Tavril’s chosen to mere mortals. When the goblins emerged from Gloamwood to burn the Elves’ wood to the ground, Prince Hylas of Aelfwar resented the Guardians’ failure to act.

The Prince led his house to worship Greenscale. Now they loathe the orderly civilization that betrayed them, and work to foster the wild at its wildest, spreading the Primeval One’s philosophy of endless competition. No less glorious for his bitterness, Hylas is a leader of ambition, charisma, and intense focus. He may quickly outstrip even Fae Lord Twyl as civilization’s most implacable enemy, though once he was harmony’s devoted friend. [2]

High Ranking Members[]

Prince Hylas-Leader


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An Aelfwar.

A Nightblade looks at the corpses of defeated Aelfwar by a statue in a forest glade.

A Bahmi Reaver fights an Aelfwar in Silverwood.

An Aelfwar.