Hunger of the Deep is a 10-man raid Water Rift.

Requires (obtain in your capital city, in the planar area):

  • Honored with Mercurial Savants
  • 500 [Planarite]
  • 10 Corrupted Souls

Information & Strategy[ | ]

Phase 1[ | ]

Pull boss, he RP's and 1 shots someone

Phase 2[ | ]

3 AoE packs and 1 miniboss (kita'ren)

Phase 3[ | ]

3 AoE packs and 1 miniboss (gharel)

Phase 4[ | ]

3 AoE and 1 miniboss (phorbos) - he's untankable and attacks the whole raid

Phase 5[ | ]

First real "boss". Spawns ghosts of all 3 minibossess and himself. You have to kill the bosses in the order of Phorbos, Gharel, Kita'ren. When you kill one, the boss gains 50% damage and a 20k health shield. You need to nuke the shield off to remove the damage increase. The boss also has a shortrange 360 degree melee swipe attack called tail swipe. It has an on screen prompt and everyone has to run away from him including the tank when it's being announced. You should also keep a healing debuff on Kita'ren. When a miniboss dies, the mainboss takes damage equal of the miniboss hp. Phorbos spawns an add that simply needs to be nuked off, not a very high risk target but just kill it. Kita'ren spawns a ton of those crab things which should be held in melee and AoE'd down.

Phase 6[ | ]

4 Tidal Focus (Water foothold models) spawn with AoE packs surrounding them. The mobs have a nasty cleave so make sure no one is in front and just AoE them all down, focused at one location. it's timed, and if you're only 10 people, you need to do this efficiently.

Phase 7[ | ]

End Boss - Deep Lord something. It has two phases, tank phase and caster phase. Tank phase you hold him in the middle and make sure everyone is spread out - especially ranged He does an ability called downpour (which is a cast) people will see a big bubble around them (its got about a 2.5meter radius) When he finishes his cast you take 1.5k damage from you bubble and any other bubbles that you're overlapped with. Think Gruul's shatter in World of Warcraft. This is why you must spread out. A member of the raid will also randomly get a massive crosshair appear around them on the floor. This is a 'meteor effect' and requires that person to run into the melee and tank. The boss will then charge that target and split the damage between everyone in the crosshair. In smaller groups/ranged heavy groups it will be needed for ranged to run in as well. The second phase is an 'untankable' caster phase, he spams the raid with water bolts. His major two abilites are hurricane (same as CC last boss - person needs to run out and get dispelled) Also, water jet. He will focus one target and do a ton of damage to them whilst he channels the ability. This person needs to be healed up (focused heals) and dispelled.