Calling: Cleric
Primary Stat: Wisdom
Weapons: Staff/Mace
Abilities: Listed here
Armor: Chain

The Inquisitor is a cleric who no longer follows the doctrines of life or death alone; instead, they stand between these forces, demanding purity from both. An Inquisitor passes judgment on those who are worthy, and damns those who are corrupt.

Their true strength is derived from their extreme faith; as such, they forgo heavy armaments in favor of a simple hauberk of chain and a sturdy maul.

Although Inquisitors will never achieve the great heights of power from choosing an exclusive life or death path, their ability to harness and manipulate both energies make them extremely valuable companions.

Description[ | ]

Strengths[ | ]

An Inquisitor is a potent one-on-one combatant who specializes in mixing life and death magic, stealing their opponent's greatest strengths and making it their own.

Weaknesses[ | ]

Because they stand between the threshold of life and death, Inquisitors give up the strength found in those who walk a pure path. For that reason, they cannot support their allies in battle as strongly as other, more specialized clerics.

Gameplay[ | ]

The Inquisitor is about debuffing and life- and mana drains. They have no direct healing effects, but instead they leech the enemy's health to themselves. In a prolonged fight the Inquisitor will probably have the upper hand over many souls, but can fall quickly to burst damage.

Background[ | ]

Ever since the arrival of the Blood Storm on Telara, the resulting rifts have created a dissonance between the land, the universe, and the gods.

Rifts provide opportunities for malicious spirits and demons from other planes to invade the world. Many intruders enter Telara in physical form, while other planar agents use soul-possession to venture forth. The abundant life and energy of Telara is irresistible to powerful beings trapped in the harsh environments of the planes. For the most part, the world of Telara had been defenseless in the face of such onslaught, until the arrival of the Inquisitors.

Combining the powers of life and death with an unshakable obsession for natural order, Inquisitors have become powerful weapons against planar corruption. Inquisitors perform a wide range of tasks, from simple exorcisms and banishments to the extraordinary purging of greater planar powers from the world. But while the role of Inquisitors in protecting Telarans from the rifts is immensely beneficial, even essential, they are widely feared for their tendency towards extremism.

Inquisitors have predictably been in the center of many violent and painful historical events across Telara. From the Mathosian purge of Eth Schematics to the cleansing of the Hammerknell survivors, the Inquisitors have always done what was necessary to protect the lands from corruption, even if their hands get a little dirty in the process. For an Inquisitor serving the greater good, the end always justifies the means.[1]

"Don't run. There is no need to be afraid, for I am the trusted hand of the gods! Only the false need fear the judgment of my touch. For the faithful, my hand inspires greatness. Why so nervous, friend?"

Training Locations[ | ]

Guardian[ | ]

Sanctum-next to the tree next to the Master Apothecary

Defiant[ | ]

Third floor of Orphiel's Tower in Meridian.

Abilities[ | ]

Inquisitors have life and mana drains, which can be used to keep both the Inquisitor and their allies alive.[2]

Images[ | ]

Mathosian Inquisitor-withbook1
Silverwood inquisitor v goblin 02
Silverwood inquisitor v goblin 01
Silverwood inquisitor 01

References[ | ]

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