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Kira Thanos
Unseen Master Assassin
Kira Thanos.jpg
Level: 50
Type: Normal Named
Zone: Shimmersand
Area: Moonrise Hollow
Plane: Plane of
Coordinates: Unknown
Faction Affiliation
Defiant: Friendly
Guardian: Neutral
Noteriety rewards
  • [[]]

A dark skinned Kelari with short green hair and leaf-like markings around her eyes. She wears leather armour like most rogues and wields dual knives.

A grim and enigmatic ascended, Kira Thanos was once a killer for hire and is not ashamed to admit it. Very little is currently known about her life pre-ascended other than that she was a very accomplished assassin. She works as The Unseen Master Assassin for the Faceless Man, often accompanying other agents on missions as protection.

Kira can be found either in the Office of the Unseen in Meridian or in various zones around Telara. She is paired up with Uriel Chulun on many occasions and appears with her in Coterie Camp, above the Deepstrike Mines and near the Titans Well, offering quests each time. She also appears as a quest giver in Lotham's Strike in Scarwood Reach, while Uriel can be found in perspice in the same zone. Kira often complains about being sent on these missions by the Faceless Man, though she does seem oddly comfortable in Scarwood Reach.

Kira has a tumultuous relationship with Uriel, admitting when questioned by the player that she thinks of them as very different individuals and wonders why the Faceless Man continues to partner them together for missions.

Kira is also the subject of an artifact collection in Freemarch entitled Kira's Tools of the Trade

According to conversation between NPCs in Kelari Refuge, Kira has been resurrected a hundred years after her original death. Before she died she was known as the 'Azul Viper' and left a blue viper scrawled on the skin of her victims.