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A macro in the context of video games refers to a set of instructions that can be issued together with one input or "hotkey." Rift supports macroing via an in-game menu. Opening that menu brings up a panel with a list of macro slots on the left, and the macro fields on the right. It is also possible to open the macro menu by entering /macro in the chat. You can give your macro a name and select an icon for it. You can also have a macro inherit the icon and cooldown timer of some ability using the following syntax:

#show ability

e.g. #show Commander's Order will cause the macro to inherit the icon and ability icon of the skill called "Commander's Order"


An important component of macros is the ability to issue game commands via text input. A macro generally saves one or more of these commands for future and repeated use. Some of the game commands available are listed here.

Syntax for saving macros[]

When listing commands in the macro interface, you do not need the leading slash, so rather than /cast, you would just use cast. The following illustrates:

#show Commander's Order
cast @mouseover Commander's Order

Currently because there is no /wait command and to prevent bot creation. As of 2/2/2011 the wait command is wait+space+

Although you can have multiple wait commands in a macro, you may only have a maximum of one ability and can only say one thing (between all channels of speech) per macro.

An example of a macro utilizing wait:

 say Attacking %t in 5 seconds.
 #show "Fragmentation Bomb"
 wait 5
 cast @mouseover Fragmentation Bomb

Macro Language[]

Target modifiers[]

These modifiers are mostly used in conjunction with the cast command.

Modifier Value
@mouseover / @mouseoverui The @mouseover/ @mouseoverui targeting works when the cursor is hovering over party member portraits, pet portraits, and names in the raid panel.
@targetself Targets your character for following cast, without changing selected target. (same as holding alt and casting.)
@pet Used for casting beneficial spells on your pet. While @pet does work, @pettarget does not work.

Pre defined variables[]

Variable Value
%t Holds the target's name.
%r Holds the target's race.
%o Holds the pronouns him or her, depending on the selected target's gender.
%p Holds either his or hers, depending on the selected target's gender.
%s Holds either she or he, depending on the selected target's gender.

Useful macros/Examples[]

Changing equip and role[]

loadequip 1
role 1

In order to use loadequip properly, you will have to save an equipment set beforehand with the chat command

/saveequip 1

Mouseover healing[]

#show Healing Spray
cast @mouseoverui Healing Spray
cast Healing Spray

This macro will cast Healing Spray on the target your mouse is hovering over. The #show command will take on the icon and tooltip properties. With the added cast at the end it will cast on your current target if you aren't holding your mouse over anything, or yourself if you have no target.

Mouse Rollover Marking[]

target @mouseover
mark <number>

This macro will allow the current party leader or raid leader to put his mouse on a character and mark the character with the indicated mark number for the party or raid to see. The targetlasttarget will move the target back to the previous target as to not disrupt the current target.

This can be useful if a team/raid leader aligns the marking macros to 1-8 on the keyboard and to assign each mark number accordingly. Quick and easy 1 key mouse over markings with no active target disruption.

If team members create macros that use @mark <number> modifier as the cast target, then the team leader can effectively change the target of the team members macros quickly with 1 key stroke.


#show Intercept
cast @focus Intercept

This macro will cast Intercept on your focus target. This way, you don't have to change targets to Intercept that high DPS player that keeps ripping aggro early. Just remember to /focus PlayerName when you enter the dungeon.


focus @mouseover
cast @focustarget Bolt of Radiance

This macro will cast "Bolt of Radiance" on the target of your mouseover target and switch back to your original target. This is especially useful for PUGs and multiple players that attract aggro. Be aware this will change your current focus to your mouseover.