One of the gods of the Blood Storm, who hails from the elemental Plane of Fire. He has a rivalry with Greenscale and his Dragon Cult is the Wanton.[1]

Dragon of Fire: The Flame Sire[]

The red dragon is chaos incarnate. Any goals beyond sowing turmoil and ruin are a waste of his time. While many of the other dragons of the Blood Storm have additional motives controlling Telara, Maelforge sees anything beyond the cycle of annihilation, regrowth, and new destruction as decadent self indulgence.

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A creature of rapacious lust, the Flame Sire would tolerate no other Blood Storm participating in the destruction of the world, and so he turned against his fellows. Unlike Regulos, who seeks to end all creation once and for all, Maelforge would let the world regrow, only to return and burn it again and again, an endless cycle of fiery torment.[2]


"In long-gone eons I blazed from star to star, far ahead of my sisters and brothers, the void screaming, scorching in my wake. I would tear the cores from living worlds and gulp them down like beating hearts."

Long ago, Maelforge roamed the heavens destroying worlds and slaying the gods who created them. Maelforge came to Telara and heard of its god of war, Thedeor, and sought battle only to be met by the mortal armies of Telara, whom he destroyed utterly, sending them to Regulos in the plane of death. Frustrated by lack of challenge, Maelforge took the council of Crucia, who suggested he and the other dragons of the Blood Storm challenge Regulos in an ultimate battle. Seeing Crucia stand aside as if directing her brethren against Regulos, Maelforge turned upon them all. As the Blood Storm clashed in battle, Maelforge was weakened by mortal telarans and imprisoned inside Mount Carcera, where he remains to this day.[3]

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"From the fiery halls of Maelforge, we come. We come to fight, we come to break, we come to burn. Maelforge has given us the fire to fight you. Maelforge has given us the cunning to defeat you. Maelforge will return, and this world will be cinder."[4]

  • At least some of the minions of Maelforge are Dragonion.[1]



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