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Magitech refers to technology used by the Defiant that is powered by sourcestone rather than other sources of energy such as coal and electricity.[1] It is "based on the relics and ancient wisdom of the Ethian Empire", and played a key role in both the rise and fall of the Ethian empire.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Magitech was first discovered during the Blood Storm Wars by the Eth, who used sourcestone to fuel their war machines. This new technology was applied to other areas of life after the Ward was constructed, with the Eth refusing the Vigil's demands to abandon the technology. The growth in power and influence of the Eth was subsequently fueled by sourcestone.[2]

The technology eventually fell into the clutches of dragon cultists, and the Eth were forced to destroy all record of magitech, destroying their own empire in the process. Magitech was thereafter used by the Eth to adapt to their now nomadic lifestyle.[2]

The Defiant today aim to reclaim the lost knowledge of magitech for the defence of Telara.[2] Young Kelari, in particular, have a passion for magitech, although the Eth are nervous of Kelari handling of magitech since they are "Much more likely to simply try out 'what might work' than conduct careful experiments".[3]

References[edit | edit source]