Mana is the magical energy that allows characters to cast magic spells. It is one of the main character attributes. The amount of Mana in a character's mana pool determines that character's ability to cast spells. Only spellcasting characters, i.e. mage and cleric types, have a mana pool.

Base Mana[]

The amount of mana that a character starts with is called base mana, and it is initially determined by the race and calling chosen during character creation. This amount is further modified by the character's Intelligence attribute using the following formula:
1 point of Intelligence = +10 mana

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Using Mana[]

Most of a caster's spells require spending mana. The amount of mana needed is always listed in the spell's tooltip or description. Every time a character casts a spell, mana is gained or lost. If a character's mana pool reaches zero, that character will not be able to cast any spells that require mana.

Regaining Mana[]

A character's mana pool slowly regenerates during combat. Some class abilities, such as Exhilaration, return mana to the caster or improve mana regeneration.

Mana can also be returned by using items, such as potions or drinks.