Player riding a Horse

Mounts are animals or creations used by players to move faster. Mounts have to be purchased from mount vendors and added into the player's collection (like books and companions). Mounting has a 1.5 sec cast time, and players can be dismounted when taking damage. Players will also dismount when using any ability.

The mounted speed increase depends on the level of the mount.

  • basic mounts give 60% faster movement speed and can be obtained at any player level
  • mounts for level 30 players give 90% speed increase, and
  • mounts for level 50 players give 110% speed increase.

This does not stack with other movement speed buffs, with the exception of some outfitter enhancement consumables that can be applied to leg items.

There are no flying mounts.

Apart from running (mounted or unmounted), players can instantly travel to other zones by using a Porticulum or the Ascended Power Soul Recall.

Mount types

Various vendors across Telara sell different types of mounts, most of them require a certain notoriety with the local ally faction. Each mount type is additionally available in a variety of color designs.

Name Speed Price Location Notoriety
Horse Bridle 60% 2platinum50gold0silver Argent Glade ?
Swift War Horse Bridle 110% 125platinum0gold0silver Argent Glade Quicksilver Scholars: Honored
Eldritch Steed Mount 110% 125platinum0gold0silver Meridian Defiant only
Yarnosaur 60% 2platinum50gold0silver Sanctum Guardians only
Yarnosaur 90% 35platinum0gold0silver Iron Pine Peak Icewatch: Honored
Yarnosaur 110% 100platinum0gold0silver Iron Pine Peak Icewatch: Glorified
Najmok 110% Stillmoor Order of Mathos: Glorified
Valmera 90% 35platinum0gold0silver Sanctum Guardians only
Swift Valmera 110% 125platinum0gold0silver Sanctum Guardians only
Vaiyuu 60% 2platinum50gold0silver Meridian Defiant only
Tartagon 60% Collector's Edition
Shiny Tartagon 110% Artifact Collector
Spectral Horse 60% Loot
Swift Ember Steed 60-110% Ascend-a-Friend

Special Mount types

Name Speed Price Location Notoriety
Mossy Tartagon 60%
Ash Strider 60% Ashes of History Mount