Murdantix is the first boss in the Hammerknell Fortress raid instance. During Phase 5 of the Waves of Madness event he can be seen storming down the stairs, and eventually running back in. Players entering the instance will encounter him immediately after only two packs of trash mobs. Murdantix is not a complicated encounter, but a general gear check for tank, healers and dps.

Fight Mechanics[]

Players in his frontal cleave area (should only be the person tanking) will gain a stacking debuff, decreasing toughness and armor.

Every 35 seconds Murdantix jumps and knocks back everybody in a 60 yard radius, causing a small amount of damage.

During the encounter Murdantix gains a stacking buff called 'Strength of Souls' increasing his physical damage output, which he gains for every player or NPC killed by his knockback ability. The Runeguard will assist you during the fight by sending in waves of 5 NPC's, which when properly executed will be your only source of 'Strength of Souls' since they die almost every knockback.

When Murdantix reaches 75% health, he will start casting Demonic Blast, targeting a handful of ranged people and causing heavy AoE damage at their locations. Demonic Blast does not have a fixed interval, and is generally cast within 15 to 30 seconds of the previous blast.

Murdantix will now also spawn void zones on the floor, which simply need to be cleared as soon as possible, and will despawn over time. It appears that the void zones do not despawn when the boss is near.

When Murdantix reaches 50% health, he will gain an ability called 'Soul Torment'. This is a 1-second cast that needs to be interrupted. If not interrupted the targeted person receives significant damage, usually oneshotting the player. He casts this approximately every 8 seconds.

When Murdantix reaches 25% health, he will do a 'Grrahgrr!' emote and small adds will spawn that can simply be picked up by the tank and AoE'd down. These adds do not do significant damage.


Raid Assignments[]

The fight requires two tanks, and significant AOE healing. Healing and DPS will need to be balanced out for your raid's gear and performance.

He has a health pool of 9.5M and an enrage timer of 10 minutes. Raid DPS should be approximately 16-17k in order to beat this enrage timer.

It should be noted that 320 focus or hit is recommended (at least 300) for the entire raid, and 200 toughness on the tanks. Tanks could consider stacking up on more toughness if the stacking toughness debuff (see below) is causing trouble.


Tanking is done by two tanks, swapping for debuffs (avoid taking more then 4-5 stacks), and kiting the boss around the room in circles to make sure the melee are not stuck in a void zone and to allow the void zones to despawn. Kiting in a too small circle will cause the void zones to remain up and you will run out of space to kite him. Tanks should avoid facing with their back to a wall when close to the edge of the room, because after being knocked back into the wall some line-of-sight issues can occur when Murdantix stands right next to the wall.

Melee needs to stack up on his rear side while avoiding the frontal cleave. Melee will also need to watch their backs, making sure that when knocked back they will not land into a void zone.

Ranged DPS and healers will need to be spread out at all times to make sure the Demonic Blast ability cast by Murdantix only hits as few targets as possible. This spreading-out tactic can be compared to the Downpour ability in the water raid rift or the Spines of the Earth ability on Anrak the Foul (GP), so your ranged DPS should already be familiar with this concept.

Healers should be fast in topping up players after a demonic blast, because a knockback and demonic blast within a short period of time can kill a number of players quickly.

After 50%, all interrupters will need to be on the watch for Soul Remnant casts. It's important to note that this can occur right after a knockback, rendering melee range interrupts useless. A few rogues with Weapon Barrage will be able to handle these casts.